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Every organism is affected by the things in its environment.

What are plants used for? :

What are plants used for? How many different uses of plants can you spot?

Using plants:

Using plants

How do plants get the food they need?:

All living organisms need food to grow and survive. How do plants get the food they need? Plants are known as PRODUCERS because they produce their own food. Unlike animals, plants cannot move very much, so how do they get the food that they need? This is because food provides raw materials for growth and energy for chemical reactions . Without plants, other organisms would have no raw materials for growth or energy.

Do plants eat soil?:

This means that all other organisms rely on plants. Later experiments showed that plants actually make their own food ! Do plants eat soil? It used to be thought that plants got their food from the soil . What is the name of the process by which plants make food? Plants are the only living organisms that can do this.




Photosynthesis : is the manufacture of sugars with solar energy comes from the Greek, “photos” ( light ) and “ syn ” ( putting together ) means, literally: “light-putting-together”


Photosynthesis This captured solar energy is then converted into chemical energy in the form of .. . ... SUGARS , which are typically stored in the fruit of plants


Since SUGAR = FOOD , plants and bacteria are called autotrophs , which means “self-feeders” Photosynthesis:


Organisms that cannot make their own food, like animals, are called heterotrophs , which means “other-feeders” They eat autotrophs or other heterotrophs . Photosynthesis: Some heterotrophs, consuming some autotrophs


Autotrophs and heterotrophs typically depend on each other as part of a GREAT CIRCLE ! Photosynthesis:


The Great Circle In the film “The Lion King” Mufasa explains to his son Simba how all living things are connected: Antelopes eat the grass, lions eat antelopes , but when the lions die, their bodies become food for the grass, and so the ‘circle of life’ goes on…. “ The Lion King” and its associated characters are the property of Walt Disney Pictures, Incorporated.


The Great Circle “The Lion King” is fiction, of course, and not meant to be taken as literally true: lions, in real life, don’t have other animals as friends. “ The Lion King” and its associated characters are the property of Walt Disney Pictures, Incorporated.


The Great Circle But a great story, even if fictional, can sometimes carry great truths , and the basic idea that all living things participate in a great circle is, in fact, TRUE. “ The Lion King” and its associated characters are the property of Walt Disney Pictures, Incorporated.


PRODUCERS (photosynthetic autotrophs, such as plants) LIGHT ENERGY CONSUMERS (heterotrophs, such as animals) DECOMPOSERS (heterotrophic bacteria and fungi)


Photosynthesis: part of The Great Circle One part of the circle, PHOTOSYNTHESIS , occurs in autotrophs Another part, CELLULAR RESPIRATION , occurs in both autotrophs and heterotrophs


Photosynthesis: REVIEW can be summarized with a simple equation: 6 CO 2 + 6 H 2 0 = C 6 H 12 O 6 + 6 O 2 (carbon dioxide) (water) ( a simple sugar, glucose) (oxygen) The equation is simple, but the reality behind the equation is more complex. There are actually over 20 separate chemical reactions involved in even the simplest forms of photosynthesis.

What is photosynthesis?:

Plants make their own food by photosynthesis . What is photosynthesis? light energy The word photosynthesis comes from the Greek language: This process is a chemical reaction that uses light energy . ‘ photo ’ means ‘ light ’ ‘ synthesis ’ means ‘ putting together ’ Photosynthesis just means ‘ putting together with light ’.



Photosynthesis: summary:

Photosynthesis: summary How can the process of photosynthesis be summarized in one sentence? What is the word equation for this chemical reaction? Photosynthesis is a chemical reaction that takes place in the chloroplasts of green plant cells, where light energy is used to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen. light energy chlorophyll carbon dioxide +  water oxygen + glucose

Photosynthesis: word equation activity:

Photosynthesis: word equation activity

Word equation to symbol equation:

Word equation to symbol equation

What is the symbol equation for photosynthesis?:

What is the symbol equation for photosynthesis? The reaction of photosynthesis can be represented by the following equation: CO 2 H 2 O C 6 H 12 O 2 O 2 + + 6 6 6 light energy chlorophyll carbon dioxide +  water oxygen + glucose light energy chlorophyll  What is the symbol equation for this reaction?

Photosynthesis equation quiz:

Photosynthesis equation quiz

Why are plants important to climate change? :

Why are plants important to climate change? Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas . This means it traps heat from the Earth and stops it escaping into space, like a pane of glass in a greenhouse. Burning fossil fuels, increased travel and deforestation have caused atmospheric carbon dioxide levels to rise dangerously high. Photosynthesis converts carbon dioxide into storable sugars and oxygen. Planting more trees could help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This is causing the Earth to overheat, melting the ice caps and endangering species.

How is glucose used?:

How is glucose used?

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