Safeguarding systems

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Safeguarding Systems:

Safeguarding Systems Safeguarding Group 2

The safeguarding systems:

The safeguarding systems The aim of these systems is to ensure that children’s welfare is prioritised, and that once there is a concern, the issue is not left to drift, but is addressed actively This is done by holding case conference regarding children who are at risk of harm from either physical, emotional or sexual abuse or neglect 2

The Stages:

The Stages Initial case conference (everyone who is involved with the family are invited, as are parents and older children). If the decision is to make the child( ren ) subject to a Child Protection plan, then.. A core group is convened within 10 days, then meets once a month. Members chosen at the Case Conference. The task of the core group is to implement the protection plan. There is then a review conference, 3 months after the initial conference Then reviews a minimum of 6-monthly and core groups ever month until the child( ren ) are taken off the plan. This should happen when the initial concerns have been addressed and are no longer a risk for the child 3

If you get involved…:

If you get involved… Ask your manager or designated person for advice and support. Keep the welfare of the child uppermost in your mind, even if you mostly work with adults 4

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