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Communication & Collaboration Software:

Cynthia Campbell February 6, 2013 Communication & Collaboration Software

Communication & Collaboration Software Defined:

Communication & Collaboration Software Defined Software that allows users to communicate through nontraditional means, such as video, text, and/or audio Users are able to share video, pictures, web links, and ideas Enables users to communicate and work together, even when they are located far away from each other

Examples of Communication and Collaboration Software:

Examples of Communication and Collaboration Software Facebook Twitter Skype FaceTime Diigo Email Blogs

Why Use Communication and Collaboration Software in the Classroom?:

Why Use Communication and Collaboration Software in the Classroom? To increase student engagement To enhance learning To provide students with immediate feedback To allow teachers and students to communicate objectives and set goals To provide students with a real audience To engage students in discussion and communication To allow students a chance to connect with other students and teachers around the world And much more!

How to Use Twitter in the Classroom:

How to Use Twitter in the Classroom Have students collaborate on a story or poem by having each student tweet a line Keep students and parents up to date on assignments and classroom events Have students reflect on the day’s learning experiences Have students create a twitter for a literary or historical figure Allow students to collaborate on assignments and projects

How to Use Skype in the Classroom:

How to Use Skype in the Classroom Introduce students to other cultures and allow students to communicate with other students across the globe Have students work collaboratively on assignments with students in other classrooms Have students experience foreign language by talking to students who speak the language being taught Provide tutoring Conduct parent-teacher conferences Have students converse with special guests Watch this video and see how one class is using Skype!

How to Use Facebook in the Classroom:

How to Use Facebook in the Classroom Have students create profiles for historical figures Have students use Facebook Questions to create polls and surveys to gather information Create a class group or page in which the class can share thoughts and discuss specific topics Teach students how to evaluate information posted on social media and discern what is valid and what is not

Pros of Using Communication and Collaboration Software:

Students learn 21 st Century skills Students are able to communicate through the tools they are accustomed to using and like to use Students can communicate with each other and collaborate on projects without being in the same place at the same time Students can collaborate and communicate with students who live in other states or other countries Teachers can maintain communication with students outside of school Parents can stay updated on what the class is studying and what their children should be working on Pros of Using Communication and Collaboration Software

Cons of Using Communication and Collaborative Software:

Students may be exposed to inappropriate media, language, and information Some students may be tempted to post inappropriate comments Some students use these tools to engage in cyberbullying Students may not be learning important social skills that must be derived from face-to-face interactions Social media may be disruptive to the learning environment Cons of Using Communication and Collaborative Software

Communication and Collaboration Websites: Visit Skype for education and find Skype lessons and resources. Learn more ways to use Skype in the classroom. Keep up with Education news via Twitter. A Facebook page with information on using Facebook in the classroom. Connect with other educators to discuss how to best use Facebook to enhance learning and connect with parents and students. Communication and Collaboration Websites


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