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Batch Manufacturing:

Batch Manufacturing Group 304-02-02: In The Mix Julie Tang Amanda Boada Cyndal Chavez Thao Hoang

What is Batch Manufacturing?:

What is Batch Manufacturing? Batch Manufacturing is the process of producing large quantities of items as a group before they are transferred to the next operation


Places Members Places Amanda Boada Target, Panera , JAX DONUTS Cyndal Chavez Target, My Cupcakery Delight, Donuts, Panaderia Thao Hoang Bath and Body Works, Cream Pan Julie Tang Petsmart , Kohls , Staples, Michaels, Party City, Sports Authority, Stater Bros * The places that are listed above are ALL of the places that we went to. However, we selected a few of these places that are the best fit of batch manufacturing which will be shown in the rest of the PowerPoint. As we did further research of batch manufacturing we realized that some of our pictures were more related to assembly line therefore we did not include them into the PowerPoint.*

Social Media :

Social Media We used iMessage as a way of communication to let each other know what we are doing, where we are going, and when we are meeting

PowerPoint Presentation:

Toffee Nut is back! -Amanda Panera Bread Cinnamon Swirls! -Amanda YUM! I wonder what the new recipe was? -Cyndal The toffee nut flavor was a success for Panera bread last season that they brought it back this season.

PowerPoint Presentation:

My Delight Cupcakery That looks good! -Julie Wow those look delicious -Thao Due to the large variety of flavors, they are only able to make small batch of certain kinds of cupcake to fit in their display. They change their menu each month to market their limitless inventory of flavors







Cream Pan:

Cream Pan

PowerPoint Presentation:

Papa Murphy’s In this picture shows that Papa Murphy’s has elements of both batch manufacturing and assembly line. The process of ordering your pizza would be considered assembly line because you would chose your pizza size, sauce, and toppings.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Bath and Body Works They have seasonal scents! -Thao Hey! They have a smaller selection of the seasonal candles compared to the original -Julie Bath and body works has a variety of scented candles. They have their original scents as well as seasonal scents. These seasonal scents change every season of the year.


Michaels Julie went to Michaels and posted her photos on Google Docs, but it was tedious work for Cyndal to post pictures from her phone to Google Docs, so we decided to use Facebook group instead.

Party City:

Party City We noticed that some of the products were in smaller batches than those of assembly line, proving that they are considered to be a batch process.

Batch vs. Assembly line:

Batch vs. Assembly line Batch Pros Batch Cons Helps companies avoid large amounts of waste. Downtime associated with the process Useful for seasonal items. Have to retest machines to ensure their output is on target for products being made Retailers can start new products that ultimately does not sell well and can cancel future orders. Prevent manufactures from making big investments in new products that does not sell Assembly line allows manufacturers to produce large quantity of items quickly and efficiently. The cost of assembly line would be reduce because manufacturers can buy a large quantity of materials rather than in batch manufactures does not buy such large quantity of materials. It is more difficult to control waste in assembly line and will have more financial loss. Can lead to large number of products that can not be sold due to decline in consumer demand.


Target Limited time girl scout creamers!- Cyndal Naked Juice- We thought would fall under assembly line, because

Pet Smart:

Pet Smart

Sports Authority:

Sports Authority The bicycles we considered it to be assembly line.

Stater Bros.:

Stater Bros.


Conclusion Batch manufacturing is prevalent in retail and wholesale stores. These are commonly found in products with different variations. It is easy for many companies to cease production of items that do not sell well without having such a huge loss. It is easier for smaller businesses to operate with batch manufacturing compared to an assembly line process.


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