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Register with us for getting new orders and CUSTOMERS to become empire in your business world. Cygrus is an online procurement system which is an advanced version of SAP model. Join with us and build strong, trusted connetion.


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Cy gr us Best Intelligent Procurement Sourcing Company


Intro Cygrus is a new and innovative platform. We are very much worry about the procurement system following nowadays So we bring the solution to you which replace the old procurement style totally.

Our Service:

Our Service In our System, No need to send email for individually to know about what available resource. We are automating this to send multiple peoples at once. In our platform connecting more than 5000 seller and buyers.


We are providing connection point for both sellers and buyers. Our system benefits both vendors and sellers equally Both can send enquiries and generate invoices for orders.

What we work for:

What we work for We are exclusively working for procurement service for Industrial tools . View More @

Find our service online at Contact us

Find our service online at Contact us

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