October 2008 Pinoyz2nz Manila Meet

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Presentation prepared by Didith and Clark, a Wellington-based couple


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Pinoyz2nz Meet : 

Pinoyz2nz Meet Didith Tayawa / Clark Figuracion Federal Seafood Restaurant Makati City, Philippines 18 October 2008

Initial NZ Experiences : 

Initial NZ Experiences Housing Transportation Finding a job Job interviews Tips: If you have children, rent a place near a school, preferably walking distance thereat. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help i.e. job referrals, freebies, etc. It is advisable not to bring your whole family at once, settle first then get your family later.

Experiences at workplace : 

Experiences at workplace Adjustment with kiwi accent Travel within NZ Study Maori language Cultural relativity Tips: Try to talk to a native speaker, watch TV programs, listen to the radio. Don’t be ashamed to ask ‘pardon me’ or ‘can you please repeat’ if you don’t understand what was talked about. Study the Maori language if you have the opportunity. Accept the prevailing culture, don’t make stereotypes.

Access to healthcare : 

Access to healthcare GP consultation Prescription drugs Emergency cases Giving birth Hospitalization

Doing business in NZ : 

Doing business in NZ Getting business registration online IRD requirements No mayor’s permit, no required money in the bank Note: World Bank study says that NZ is the easiest to do business transactions with.

Activities in the community (Filipino and wider community) : 

Activities in the community (Filipino and wider community) Church choir Club membership i.e. photography, spelunking, mountain climbing, rugby, soccer, etc. Artist group Tips: 1. Be actively involved in community activities, be part of your community (i.e. volunteer work, church choir, etc.). 2. Share your talents to the community.

Challenges for a new migrant : 

Challenges for a new migrant Finding a job Kiwi accent Settlement/housing Tips: Request for job referrals from friends, relatives, fellow pinoyz2nz members, acquaintances, church members. Apply to as many jobs as you can online, even while you are still in the Philippines Talk to native speakers! Stay with a Filipino family first, you will save a lot and you get settled easily. Don’t bring your whole family first, if possible, husband and wife first.

Question and Answer : 

Question and Answer

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