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- presented during the November 2008 Pinoyz2nz Manila Meet - prepared by Liezl M who was interviewed by Frances Wu in April 2008 and was given WTR9 invite last 17 November 2008


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Interview : 

November 2008 Pinoyz2NZ Manila Meet Liezl M Interview

Topics : 

Topics Research and Network Questionnaire Pre-interview Actual Interview

Research : 

Research Visit NZ government websites Department of Labor / Careers Statistics Visit industry related websites Read different aspects of life in NZ

Network : 

Network Have constant communication with relatives / friends already in NZ Make new friends here in Pinoyz2NZ Contact your NZ online buddies Join industry-related associations If you have Chinese friends, talk to them and accustom your ear to their accent

Questionnaire : 

Questionnaire Answer in complete sentences Make sure that correct grammar is used Spell-check Refer to your research and network On similarities and differences, scan all aspects of the country -- physical/geographical, political, socio-economic, cultural and technologies For anything relevant on your field of specialization, make in-depth explanation -- this shows level of awareness Include actual figures and facts, don’t just make general statements Site the sources

Questionnaire : 

Questionnaire Employment Prospects Preparedness of Partner / Family Familiarity with New Zealand Linkages and Support

Pre-interview : 

Pre-interview After completing the questionnaire, email your Visa Officer Memorize and remember your answers by heart Practice Think positive, be pleasant, pray

Actual Interview : 

Actual Interview Prepare early – speaker phone, copies of questionnaire, quiet room Relax – make sure you are full, had enough sleep Answer in straight English, avoid Tagalog expressions like anu, kase, am, yun… Talk in a confident manner, but not too fast VO will not usually cut you while talking The VO records the answers, written and audio The VO will usually give time for your question/s End with a thank you spiel Interview is a gauge of some VOs whether to ask IELTS or not

Actual Interview : 

Actual Interview The VO will confirm first the identity of the person A standard spiel will be said Principal Applicant Secondary Applicant Back to the principal applicant

Actual Interview by FW : 

Actual Interview by FW 1. What is your name?2. What is your birthdate?3. How many brothers and sisters do you have? 4. What is your current position? 5. How long you've been working? 6. How do you intend to use your skills in NZ?7. What do you know about opportunities to get work in NZ? 8. What is the salary range for your preferred occupation? 9. Have you applied for any jobs or recruitment agencies? 10. What are the results? 11. What resources have you used in your research? 12. What similar skills do you intend to use in NZ? 13. If not successful in finding work in your preferred occupation, what would you do? 14. How long you think you will find work? What is your weakness in finding a job?

Actual Interview by FW : 

Actual Interview by FW Partner 15. What is your name?16. How do you intend to use your skills in NZ?17. What plans do you have to help you and your children settle in NZ?18. Do you think your adjustment would relatively be quick or will it take some time?

Actual Interview by FW : 

Actual Interview by FW 19. Have you been to New Zealand? 20. When did you start to think about migrating in NZ? 21. What preparations have you completed towards migrating to NZ since then? 22. Do you have family members in other countries? 23. Do you have friends in NZ?24. What level of ongoing contact with friends over the last 3 years?25. Who is your close friend in NZ? 26. Will your friend provide initial accommodation? 27. What does your friend in NZ do? 28. Have you thought where you might live? 29. What attracts you to that area? Tip -- relate it to work opportunities 30. Is there any question you might ask?

Personal sharing : 

Personal sharing Our VO is Frances Wu EOI Selected July 31, 2007 ITA received October 16, 2007 ITA docs January 31, 2008 Interview April 24, 2008 What’s next?

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