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Basic overview of Win 7 and its various new features and the features which have been improved


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Windows 7- An Overview : 

Windows 7- An Overview

Topics to be covered : 

Topics to be covered Overview What is Windows 7 all about? Flavors of Windows 7 Hardware Requirement New Features of Windows 7 User Interface Applications & Functions Multimedia features Security Networking Administration Performance of Beta Windows 7 Summary/Conclusion Reference 2

What is Windows 7 all about? : 

What is Windows 7 all about? Windows 7 (formerly codenamed Blackcomb and Vienna) will be the next version of Microsoft Windows Operating System. Why the name “Windows 7”? Windows 7 is the seventh OS by Microsoft so “Windows 7”. Windows 7 is based on the feedback taken from the end users using Windows Vista. The base code of Windows 7 is that of Vista in which lots of fixes, new shims, patches and new features have been included to give a better operating system.

Flavors of Windows 7 : 

Flavors of Windows 7 Windows Vista product lineup consist of 6 versions :- 2 for Business; 3 for Consumers; 1 for Emerging Markets Windows 7 Enterprise Windows 7 Home Professional Windows 7 Home Basic Windows 7 Home Premium Windows 7 Ultimate Windows 7 Starter 4

Hardware Requirement : 

Hardware Requirement 5

New Features in Windows 7 : 

New Features in Windows 7

User Interface : 

User Interface Aero Desktop (improved) Aero Peek Aero Snaps Aero Shake Jump lists (improved) Jump lists are automatically populated links in the Start Menu to frequently accessed sources (apps, documents, etc.) Taskbar items, the Internet Explorer, and Windows Media Player will have them too, allowing you to jump directly to a certain task of a program

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User Interface : 

User Interface Windows Taskbar (the Superbar) (improved) Preview pane Pinned applications Switch between multiple windows by just hovering over the taskbar thumbnail Windows Touch (new) Windows 7 can be controlled by touching the screen Supports multi-touch allowing you to use more than one finger Icons are big enough to be selected easily with the new touch feature Improved handwriting recognition, supports handwritten math expressions

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User Interface : 

User Interface Libraries (new) Libraries are containers similar to folders, but their content is based on file properties such as file type, pictures by date taken, or music by genre Windows Sidebar (improved) Gadgets are now placed on the desktop Gadgets are resizable

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User Interface : 

User Interface Search (improved) New relevance algorithm Dynamic filters to narrow down results Search results are grouped according to Libraries Search Federation: search external resources Accessibility (improved) Improved speech recognition Magnifier (whole desktop or portion of the screen) Accessibility support tools for developers

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User Interface : 

User Interface Themes (improved) Themes include a sound set, a default screen saver, and desktop slideshow settings Wallpapers can be swapped periodically Scenic Ribbon (new) Paint and WordPad now have a ribbon similar to the one in Office 2007 Third-party developers can integrate ribbons into their apps

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Applications and Functions : 

Applications and Functions HomeGroup (new) Windows 7 computers can connect automatically with each other to share resources (files, printers, etc.) Users can decide what they want to share MinWin (new) MinWin is the smallest standalone, bootable, usable segment of Windows 7 MinWin is fully bootable; Requires 25-40MB of disk space

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Applications and Functions : 

Applications and Functions Battery life (improved) Wake on Wireless LAN Smart Network Power: Power of the network adapter is turned off when cable is unplugged A new power config tool Adaptive display brightness Less processing power for DVD playback Ready Boost (improved) Allows you to concurrently use multiple flash drives

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Applications and Functions : 

Applications and Functions Internet Explorer 8 (improved) Faster and more stable InPrivate Accelerators Web Slices SmartScreen Filter Automatic Crash Recovery Calculator (improved) New user interface Calculation history Unit conversion; Date calculations; Calculation templates Controls that are optimized for touch

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Applications and Functions : 

Applications and Functions Process Reflection (new) Crashed processes are cloned in memory; tries to recover the cloned process and diagnoses the failure conditions of the original process It should reduce the disruption caused by diagnosis of failed process Fault tolerant heap (new) The new fault tolerant heap is supposed to reduce the number of crashes significantly.

Multimedia features : 

Multimedia features Windows Media Player 12(improved) Supports more media formats Improved performance Taskbar thumbnail (displays titles, and offers controls) Stream media to other PCs at home Stream media to (DLNA) v1.5-compliant digital media renderers Media Center (improved) New user interface Broader support for global TV standards Share TV shows at home via TV Libraries

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Multimedia features : 

Multimedia features New color depths/gamuts Support for color depths of 30-bit & 48-bit video modes supported are 16-bit sRGB, 24-bit sRGB, 30-bit sRGB, 30-bit with extended color gamut sRGB, and 48-bit scRGB Sound (improved) New standard Bluetooth audio driver Automatically streams music or voice calls to the active output device Control volume independently for each device

Security : 

Security Action Center (new) Consolidates alerts from Security Center - Problem, Reports, and Solutions - Windows Defender - Windows Update - Diagnostics - Network Access Protection - Backup and Restore - Recovery - User Account Control AppLocker (new) Restrict program execution on user desktops based on publisher signature

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Security : 

Security User Account Control (UAC)(improved) Two new UAC settings: Program-based changes only Notify only Windows Filtering Platform (improved) Third party firewalls can add custom features, selectively turn off features of the Windows Firewall Multiple active firewall profiles: Allows a single set of firewall rules for remote clients and for clients physically connected to the corporate network

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Security : 

Security Biometrics(New) Supports fingerprint reader Smart card support (improved) DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) support (new) Prevents DNS spoofing and other malicious activities

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Networking : 

Networking View Available Network (VAN) (new) One-click access to available networks (Wi-Fi, Mobile Broadband, Dial-up, VPN) Wireless Device Network (new) Windows 7 PC acts as a wireless access point Mobile Link (new) Installs wireless data cards without the need of additional software Process is similar to connecting to a wireless network

Networking : 

Networking Direct Access (new) Remote connection to the corporate network is established automatically whenever Internet is available. VPN is not required Access to public Web sites is not routed via the corporate network Roaming user profiles (improved) Automatically synchronize users’ profiles with the server while users are still logged on Users can roam from one PC to another while remaining logged in to both PCs and still have the same consistent environment

Networking : 

Networking RDP features (improved) Remote Desktop & Application feed: Allows end users to launch remote applications from a central location. Multi-monitor support for virtual desktops Support for bidirectional audio: Enables use of microphones for VOIP Use of local printer driver possible Multimedia redirection Aero Glass support

Administration : 

Administration VHD image management and deployment Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) files can be deployed using Windows Deployment Services & managed using DISM Boot from a VHD file: This feature allows the reuse of the same master image for virtual desktops (VDI) and physical desktops User State Migration Tool (USMT) Hardlink migration: Files are not moved on the hard disk but redirected to improve performance; discovers user documents at runtime Support for volume shadow copy: Migrate files that are being used by an application

Administration : 

Administration Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) tool A command line tool that combines functionality of International Settings Configuration (IntlCfg.exe), PEImg, and Package Manager (PkgMgr.exe). It allows you to update operating system images (drivers, language packs, features, updates) Dynamic Driver Provisioning Drivers can be stored centrally on a server, separate from images They are installed dynamically based on Plug and Play IDs or BIOS information Reduces the number of drivers on an individual machine and potential driver conflicts Reduces size and number of system images Speeds up installation

Administration : 

Administration Multicast Multiple Stream Transfer Broadcast image data to multiple clients simultaneously Group clients with similar bandwidth capabilities into network streams Define minimum performance thresholds to automatically remove slower computers from a multicast group PowerShell 2.0 PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) PowerShell Remoting: Run scripts remotely on a single or multiple PCs Script Internationalization: Localized messages PowerShell Restricted Shell: Only certain commands and parameters are available Automating Group Policy: Use scripting to manage Group Policy Objects Support for logon, startup, and shutdown PowerShell scripts 40

Administration : 

Administration Device Management (improved) Device Stage Drivers of new devices are automatically downloaded Location Aware Printing Support for wireless alternatives to USB: Ultra Wideband (UWB), Wireless USB (WUSB), Wireless Host Controller Interface (WHCI), Device Wire Adapter (DWA) Blue-ray Disc write support Sensor and Location Platform: Support for devices such as ambient light sensor, GPS, temperature gauge, etc. Display Color Calibration: Helps adjust an LCD display to be as close as possible to the sRGB standard color space Improved support for external displays: Windows key + P to toggle between your laptop screen and an external display 41

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Performance of Beta Windows 7 : 

Performance of Beta Windows 7 43

Performance of Beta Windows 7 : 

Performance of Beta Windows 7 44

Market Share for Desktops : 

Market Share for Desktops 45

Summary : 

Summary Summarize the whole activities of Training. History of Windows 7 New and improved features of Windows 7 Awareness of Windows 7 46

References : 

References External Links 47

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