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Waterforms B : 

Waterforms B

Gulf : 

Gulf Is a curve of a coastline It is a body of water larger than a bay near the land. It is good station for sea vessels during bad weather. Examples of gulfs in the Philippines are the Lingayen Gulf in Pangasinan, The Davao Gulf, and Moro Gulf in Zamboanga.

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River : 

River It is a body of water that flows into the sea. The water usually comes from a high place like the mountain or hill. It is also connected to smaller bodies of water like a brook or a stream. The water in the river is fresh.

River : 

River There are 132 rivers in our country. The longest is the Cagayan River. Other examples are Pasig River and Agusan River. We also have underground rivers like the St. Paul River in Palawan.

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Rio GrandeDe Cagayan

Lake : 

Lake It is a small body of water surrounded by land. The Philippines has big lakes Like Laguna Lake, Lake Lanao, Taal Lake, and Mainit Lake in Surigao del Norte. Lake Mainit

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3. Laguna de Bay is the Old Spanish term for "Lake of Bay"; Bay (pronounced as bä'ï) is a town in Laguna province. Pulilan is the prehispanic name of the lake according to the 1613 Vocabulario de Lengua Tagala printed in Pila, Laguna. In Philippine prehistory, Laguna Lake or Laguna de Bay was known as Pulilan.

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Lake Lanao

Waterfalls : 

Waterfalls It is a flowing water coming down from a high or elevated land. The water comes from a stream or a river. Examples are Pagsanjan Falls, Tinago Falls, and Maria Christina Falls and which are sources of hydroelectric power.

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Tinago Falls Maria Christina Falls

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Tinago Falls Limunsudan Falls

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5. Iguazu Falls in the borders of Argentina, Nicaragua, and Brazil. Is the widest water fall in the World. 4. Angel Water fall highest water fall

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