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Order high quality eco friendly shopping bags from Custom Green Promos! They are widely considered the leading supplier and great source for green bags. Call them at 1-888-565-2235 for orders and enquiry.


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Get Insulated Grocery Bags At The Best Prices From Customgreenpromos.Com:

Get Insulated Grocery Bags At The Best Prices From Customgreenpromos.Com If you have a corporate event coming up, insulated grocery bags can be the perfect freebie and branding device to giveaway. People love these bags as they maintain the temperature of their contents and ensure that no harm comes to the environment. And if you are looking for some interesting deals for getting these bags printed, is the place where you will find some of the most lucrative offers on the web. Make sure you check this website and the discount schemes it has going on. Pioneering the green movement, Custom Green Promos LLC has brought new and exciting ways for corporate entities to combine their branding strategies with social responsibility. Now companies have the advantage of getting low cost eco friendly bags manufactured and printed, which can later be used as promotional giveaways and freebies. Custom Green Promos makes this work simple and affordable. “Green cooler bags are great for family picnics and corporate events. Our new Therm-O-Tote is great for the environment as well as a way to prevent the use of plastic bags. Simply drop in an ice-pack and keep your drinks and food cold. They are perfect for carrying frozen products home from the grocery store. These cooler bags are just one of many types of reusable bags that we can customize for you. Our product line features great reusable bags along with many other eco friendly promotional items.

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Green bags are quickly becoming a mainstay in supermarkets and retail outlets worldwide. They are great for shopping at the grocery store as well as your nearest retail outlet store. Not only are they great for the end consumers, but they are great for companies to. The next time your company has a promotion, think about the environment and order some green bags.” explained the owner of Custom Green Promos LLC and the website Just visit this website to check out the huge range of insulated grocery bags it is offering for sale and that too at mind-blowing prices! You will love the deals on offer here. For more information about the company or to browse through their range of eco friendly and reusable bags and products, please visit the website .

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Cleveland, Ohio – 44143 United States Phone: 1-888-565-2235 Email: Website:

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