Different types of plants

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Different types of plants : 

Different types of plants by

Two types of plants : 

Two types of plants Plants which produce flowers are known as flowering plants. Plants which do not produce flowers are known as non-flowering plants.

Non-flowering plants : 

Ferns are non-flowering plants. They do not produce flowers. Non-flowering plants

Flowering plants : 

Flowering plants Some plants produce flowers. They are called Flowering plants. Flowering plants only start to produce flowers when they become adult plants. Some flowering plants may be very small

Some flowering plants: : 

Some flowering plants: Sunflower Rose Orchids Hibiscus daisy Tulips

Comparing : 

Comparing Compare a daisy plant with a fern. In what ways are they are similar? In what ways are they different?

Compare the parts of each : 

Compare the parts of each

What have you learnt : 

What have you learnt Plants can be classified as flowering plants and non-flowering plants Non-flowering plants are those that cannot produce flowers. E.g. ferns and mosses Flowering plants are those which can produce flowers. E.g. sunflower ,orchids, rose, and daisy

Think about it : 

Think about it If you do not see flowers on a plant, does it mean that it is a non-flowering plant?

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