Best Web Development Trends For 2017

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Best Web Development Trends For 2017

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Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Websites Apps : 1. Artificial intelligence programs are already used successfully by Google and Wikipedia the technology is more than within our grasp to allow us to develop software which can think and act as a human without requiring the manpower. 2. No doubt more web developers will develop these types of programs each one widening the scope of technology’s ability and power.

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The evolution of JavaScript in 2017 : 1. There’s a lot of discussion going on in the web development space on which new programming language you should learn. 2. I think there’s no right or wrong here and it really depends on your focus. However I’d like to give you some insights on what we believe you should know in 2017.

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Internet of Things : 1. The Internet of Things – the internet is moving away from our computers and mobile phones and into our household appliances. 2. But not in a scary way as technology advances there is an increasing demand for the internet to allow us to control every facet of our lives usually from apps or chatbots on our smartphones. 3. Whether we are able to remotely turn on our heating set timers on our lights to ensure they are shining welcomingly when we get home from work.

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Static Site Generators : 1. If you’re an active reader of our blog you probably know that we at Usersnap are huge fans of static site generators. We run our website and some other side projects on Hugo which is an open source static site generator You can read our review of Hugo here. 2. The reason we believe that the popularity of static site generators keeps going up is simple. 3. Static site generators are a great way to create websites. You don’t need a database instead your web pages are

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