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In our modern corporate world where internet serves as an unvoidable platform for marketing and promtion of business firms, web hosting service is searched by every business man whose website is visited by tremendous umbers of internet users. Visit


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Selection Tips For Best Colocation Service Provider


Introduction In our modern corporate world where internet serves as an unavoidable platform for marketing and promotion of business firms, web hosting service is searched by every businessman whose website is visited by tremendous numbers of Internet users. Seeing the demand for hosting servers, many colocation providers have established in the market but only a couple of them succeed in providing appreciable service.

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Every businessman wants to avail best colocation services . There are certain factors that assist website owners in choosing the best colocation provider for them. Some of the most imperative factors are discussed


services Location: When one chooses to use colocation service, timely upgrades and servicing of equipment is expectable. To avail these upgrades, the user needs to visit colocation provider’s office. No one will like to spend a day as well as conveyance charges to visit provider’s office by airplane. Hence, one should see to it that the location of provider’s office is not far away and can be reached conveniently. However, one should make sure that the provider’s office is not located in natural disaster-prone area and the office receives sufficient electricity throughout the year.

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Reliability: As high performance of website is the main goal of website owners, it is very important to choose a reliable colocation provider. Uptime ascertains the level of reliability provided by a provider. Although more than 90% reliability is promised by thousands of colocation providers, the best ones manage to offer 99.999% uptime. Colocation services whose uptime contains 5 nines with a decimal after two digits is desired by majority of website owners.

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Reputation: Available in present market are tremendous numbers of colocation providers. Most of these companies have established few years ago and do not have much experience about the tasks and activities. But, colocation providers who are available in competitive market since decades and show excellence in service are the ones that have good reputation in the market. Hence, before choosing a provider, one should make sure that the hosting company has good will in the market.

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Price: If one is looking for the best colocation provider, one should be sure that the best service providers never offer cheapest rates. Genuine colocation providers neither presents their service for the cheapest price not they charge extra dollars from its clients. Thus, one can ascertain that the best firms charge reasonable price for its quality service.

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Financial Stability: Web hosting service is not a matter of few days or weeks. It is basically a long term service that is provided to websites to perform well in search engine results. Hence, while choosing a provider, it should be inspected that the appointed firm is financially sound and will exist in the market for atleast 5 more years.

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Other factors: Genuine firms do not charge even a single extra penny from its clients for providing additional services. They do not deduct any money for setup of colocation server. Also, it provides various miscellaneous services for free.


Conclusion Apart from these primary factors to choose a colocation provider, one should be sure about one’s budget and seek to appoint a provider within this budget.

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