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Gwen Thibeaux : 

With Definiteness of Purpose Gwen Thibeaux

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“What is it that keeps some people from achieving their greatest goals in life? Is it because they aren't smart enough or educated enough? Is it because they don't have good ideas? No! It is because most people are afraid to pursue their dreams or goals.” Excerpt from “The Truth About Fear” by Gwen Thibeaux

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Gwen's purpose and passion is to lead by example a life of intentional fulfillment and accomplishment, and to inspire, teach and motivate others to do the same. Her purpose is evident in everything she does, including her presentations.

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They call me “the woman of greatness”.

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Gwen is a motivational teacher, speaker, author and entrepreneur. As Founder and Director of EYG Academy and Training Institute, Gwen facilitates workshops and programs for groups, organizations and churches. Gwen served as the 2009-2010 President for the National Association of Women Business Owners-Inland Empire Chapter.

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"Gwen is an excellent speaker as well as motivator." — R. Riedell "Presentation was from the heart.“ — V. Paltz "Gwen was great! Good audience participation. Personal story was very powerful and motivating." — L. Lewis "Gwen is an inspiration.“ — A. Denton

Why do Audiences like Gwen’s Presentations? : 

Why do Audiences like Gwen’s Presentations? She is both a motivational teacher and speaker. While her messages will make audiences feel good and inspired, audience will also discover how to apply her lessons and stories to their life long after the program has ended. Gwen is genuine and speaks from an intense place of passion and purpose. The gratification she receives from speaking comes from knowing that she is inspiring others and planting seeds of purpose into their lives. Gwen’s presentations are worthwhile, timely and necessary!

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Gwen Thibeaux has a wide range of experience that enables her to speak on a variety of topics. Some of her feature topics include: The Truth about Fear: How to Eliminate its Effect on Your Success Potential. Creating Your Life’s Vision Plan: How to Get your Vision Out of Your Head and Into Reality! Embracing the Greatness Within: How to Tap into Your Personal Greatness and Become Who You are Truly Meant to Be. Okay to be Me! A presentation for affirming self-esteem in teenage girls.

Gwen writes : 

"Embracing the Greatness Within: A Journey of Purpose and Passion“ In this book, Gwen opens her heart and explores the ups and downs of her ordinary life, revealing some of her most vulnerable experiences. With unflinching honesty, she discusses emerging from believing that "greatness" was the external, outside her, to knowing that God had created her personal "greatness" within. Gwen writes

E-Books : 

E-Books “The Truth about Fear: How to Eliminate its Effect on Your Success Potential” The fear of uncertainty keeps you from doing that thing you most desire to do. The truth is there will never be the perfect or ideal time to do anything! Learn how to define the fears in your life so you can move past them to live a life of purpose and passion. "Woman, Wife, Mom, CEO & Author: The Art of Balance" You can achieve everything you desire to accomplish, but you must find balance among all the hats you wear in your life.  Learn how to identify your priorities, realistically define balance and discover the basics of living a balanced life so you can achieve your goals without burnout!

Events : 

Events Take a virtual coffee break and enjoy a regular dose of motivation and inspiration with a ***FREE*** 10-15-minute tele-series every Monday! Great way to start your week! Discover a total of 52 amazing and inspiring ways (a new one every week) to unlock your greatness TODAY and become who you are truly meant to be! Embrace the greatness that is already inside YOU! The Choice for Greatness Coffee Series Time: 10:30 a.m. (Pacific)/1:30 p.m. (Eastern) Date: Every Monday Where: Your Home or Office Phone Cost: **Free**

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Find Out More… Find out more about Gwen and her activity, visit her sites:

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Contact Gwen Thibeaux Motivational Teacher, Speaker, Author & Entrepreneur Phone: (888) 319-6343 E-mail:

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