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Free Verse Poems : 

Free Verse Poems A type of poetry that does not have a specific and structured rhythm or rhyme.

Gonna Bake Me a Rainbow Poem : 

Gonna Bake Me a Rainbow Poem We stirred up some red and orange and blue and purple in our momma’s pan- Melted a lotta’ Jimbo’s crayons Then they stuck to the bottom Me and my friend SCRAPED AND SCRAPED with a butter knife until… My momma walked through the door Lotsa’ yellin’ Lotsa’ cryin’ My friend left All I wanted was a rainbow- Don’t like this gloomy weather Amy Wilson

Cheddar Cheese and Chocolate Cake : 

Cheddar Cheese and Chocolate Cake I am crazy about rich, dark, espresso coffee. I am addicted to extra-sharp cheddar cheese and chocolate cake. I never tire of window-shopping or munching crisp apple pies from Burger King. I can consume a whole package of Wheat Thins while curled up reading a favorite novel. I wear purple eyeshadow and pink nail varnish- always. I love to laugh and scream for joy, to sing at the top of my voice. I like to play heavy rock loud enough to burst your eardrums. I like crazy parties, whipped cream, and solitude. Juliet Gainsborough

Things That Go Away & Come Back Again : 

Things That Go Away & Come Back Again Thoughts Airplanes Boats Trains People Dreams Animals Songs Husbands Boomerangs Lightning The sun, the moon, the stars Bad weather The seasons Soldiers Good luck Health Depression Joy Laundry Anne Waldman

Hiccups : 

Hiccups Dear Hiccups, You’re the enemy of my mouth and throat. You’re the worst thing that could ever- hic- happen! If you ever should disturb me again, I shall toss you out of my vocal chords. You’re like hail on an angry alligator. So, catch my drift, dear hiccups-hic- and get far, far away. Get out-hic-DEAR, AWFUL HICCUPS! -hic- Jennifer Nussinow

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