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Bladder Cancer: Your Personal Risk and How to prevent It Bladder cancer is a kind of cancer that basically arises from the epithelial lining known as the urothelium of the urinary bladder. It is known that a male has around a 1 in 26 chance of developing bladder cancer throughout his lifetime while a female’s risk is around 1 in 90. Risks: There are many risks associated with this form of cancer and men may develop bladder cancer more often than women as more men smoke tobacco today and more choose careers that include chronic or incidental exposure to hazardous fumes as well as unsafe compounds. Some professions like fire fighting machining or truck driving has potent to raise risk because persons in these occupations have more exposure to chemicals and toxins. Some other risk factors are mentioned below: • Exposure to industrial chemicals like arsenic aromatic amines leather textiles rubber dyes plastic aluminium carpet metal and printing/paint products can increase the risk of bladder cancer. • Private and family history of bladder cancer or some urinary tract cancers. If an individual have a family member facing bladder cancer you might be at an increased risk of growing this disease. You are too prone to get bladder cancer repeatedly if youve faced it in the past. • Chronic bladder infections or irritation • Bladder birth defects • Some chemotherapy drugs and radiation treatment • Insufficient hydration • Extended use of some medications like pioglitazone phenacetin and some Chinese herbs are associated with potential increased risk. Taking some medicines/dietary supplements using diabetes medicine pioglitazone i.e. Actos for over year has been associated to high level risk of bladder cancer. Apart from this supplements comprising aristolochic acid may raise a persons risk of urothelial cancers including bladder cancer and for this appropriate urological cancer treatment is must. Prevention: The handling of bladder cancer relies on how intensely the tumour attacks into the bladder wall and for this expert Urology doctors is recommended. Though you do not own complete control over few of your bladder cancer risk factors you can take below preventive steps in to reduce its risk:

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You need to avoid smoke this implies that cancer-causing chemicals present in smoke will say completely away from affecting your bladder. If you are presently addicted to smoke stop it and discuss to Urology doctors regarding smoking cessation programs and support. Urological cancer treatment also involves taking care with chemicals and implements all safety rules to avoid exposure of dangerous chemicals to bladder. You must drink water and stay sufficiently hydrated as this is a natural urological cancer treatment. Drinking plenty of water might dilute damaging substances in your urine and blush them out of your bladder quickly. This is recommended urological cancer treatment because drinking liquids particularly water may dilute toxic constituents that may be concentrated in your urine and clear them out of your bladder in less time. Many Urology doctors suggest a bladder cancer patient to eat a well-balanced diet including a different variety of vegetables and fruits nuts and fish with high content of omega-3 fatty acids as well as lean protein red meat and reduce fat. If appropriate urological cancer treatment is followed you have the finest chance of surviving when this cancer is in its earliest stages but without treatment the survival may be lower than 25 percent.

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