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This explorer review covers the explorers that the South Carolina Standards requires for fourth grade social studies. It was authored by Courtney Turner


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The Review:

The Review 4-1.3 Exploration of the New World

Leif Eriksson:

Leif Eriksson Explored for Scandinavia He was a leader of Viking expeditions and may have been the first European to reach North America. All by accident… He was probably trying to sail back to Greenland (planned destination) but was blown off course. This happened 500 years before Christopher Columbus!

Christopher Columbus:

Christopher Columbus Italian that explored for Spain He was looking for a western route to the Indies (Asia) He ended up on the Caribbean Islands of North America which he named the West Indies and claimed for Spain. Spain started a colony a colony there.

Hernando de Soto:

Hernando de Soto Spanish explorer and conquistador who led the first European expedition in the United States. He was the first European documented to have crossed the Mississippi River. de Soto's North American expeditions ranged throughout the southeastern United States searching for gold, silver and a passage to China.

Henry Hudson:

Henry Hudson Hudson was an English sailor who was in search of a Northwest Passage The Northwest Passage is a sea route through the Arctic Ocean along the northern coast of North America through the Canadian waterways connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Hudson continued:

Hudson continued Hudson made two attempts (for England) to find a Northwest Passage to the Indies (specifically China) via a route above the Arctic Circle. Hudson then explored the region around modern-day New York while still looking for this western route to Asia that was financed by the Dutch East India Company. He explored the river which eventually was named for him, and the Dutch began colonization of the region. (The Netherlands)

Henry Hudson:

Henry Hudson He claimed the Hudson River Valley for the Dutch (The Netherlands) who paid for his voyage They name the new land New Netherland

Hudson Bay is a large body of saltwater in northeastern Canada. :

Hudson Bay is a large body of saltwater in northeastern Canada. He also explored the Hudson Bay and the Hudson Strait which were also named after him.

Hudson searches for a Northwest Passage:

Hudson searches for a Northwest Passage The Hudson Strait links the Atlantic Ocean to Hudson Bay in Canada. The strait is about 450 miles long . Its width varies from 150 miles at its largest point, to a minimum of 40 miles. Hudson discovered it in 1609 on board the British ship Discovery . It is the entrance to the Northwest Passage, which has been navigated, but which is not yet a commercial trade route. It did not exist at the time. However , Global Warming caused melting of the Arctic ice cap, so the Northwest Passage appears to be destined to become an important trade route between the Atlantic Ocean, Alaska, and northern Russia.

Let’s connect…:

Let’s connect… What do you know about the Hudson River?

Did you hear about the “Miracle on the Hudson”:

Did you hear about the “Miracle on the Hudson”

The Rescue:

The Rescue

New York Skyline:

New York Skyline

The Statue of Liberty is in the Hudson River:

The Statue of Liberty is in the Hudson River

Hurricane Sandy hits NJ & NY:

Hurricane Sandy hits NJ & NY

Ferry in the Hudson River:

Ferry in the Hudson River

Actual footage of Hurricane Sandy:

Actual footage of Hurricane Sandy

Know the difference between what’s real and what is faked on the internet:

Know the difference between what’s real and what is faked on the internet

Real or Fake?:

Real or Fake?

John Cabot:

John Cabot He was an Italian who explored for England He sailed to the Northeastern United States and from there he sailed more than 900 miles to Newfoundland (the first to do this since the Vikings), and then returned to England. Cabot planned to return to Newfoundland, and in 1498 the English government granted permission to recruit sailors. However, it is not known if any of the crew reached North America, or if Cabot survived the voyage, because he was never heard from again.

What to Write::

What to Write: PLANNED DESTINATION: The Indies (China) to find a shorter route IMPORTANCE OF EXPLORATION: The first to land in Northern North America since the Vikings

Robert LaSalle:

Robert LaSalle He was French He sailed for France on his only ship, the Griffin . He explored the Ohio and the Mississippi River and claimed the entire Mississippi River Valley for France

What to Write::

What to Write: PLANNED DESTINATION: North America- he hoped to claim land and form a colony IMPORTANCE OF EXPLORATION: He claimed the Mississippi River Valley for France

Vocabulary Review:

Vocabulary Review A journey made for a specific purpose EXPEDITION A settlement far from the country that rules it COLONY A movement of people, animals, plants, diseases and ways of life between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres THE COLUMBIAN EXCHANGE

Vocabulary Review:

Vocabulary Review A Spanish conqueror Conquistador A friend who will help in a fight Ally The capture or taking of something by force Conquest

Vocabulary Review:

Vocabulary Review To change from one religion to another Convert A person who lives in a colony Colonist A group of people forming a community Society

Vocabulary Review:

Vocabulary Review A large farm with many workers who live on the land they work Plantation A grant that gave a wealthy settler control of the native people who lived on an area of land Encomienda

Vocabulary Review:

Vocabulary Review A person who teaches his or her religion to others who have different beliefs Missionary A religious settlement where missionaries work and live Mission

Vocabulary Review:

Vocabulary Review A crop grown to be sold for profit Cash crop A person who agreed to work for a certain amount in exchange for the cost of the voyage to America Indentured servant

Vocabulary Review:

Vocabulary Review An official document giving a person or group permission to do something Grant Law making assembly in colonial Virginia House of Burgesses Share in a company Stock

Vocabulary Review:

Vocabulary Review A water route that explorers hoped would flow through North America that would connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans The Northwest Passage THAT’S ALL!!!

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