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Welcomes You !! Fast Care MultiServices India (P) Ltd., Let your dreams never be a dream...

About FCare:

About FCare Social Awareness Oriented organization lead by a team of Professionals. Accident Prevention & Accident Medical Insurance awareness services Mission is to make everyone to be insured for the security of their family . About FCare


Services In order to make our service reach among the general public we provide Personal Accident Insurance Policy for every member of FCare . New members can be introduced by EXISTING CUSTOMERS by Referral Method and can reap a lot of financial benefits.

Now let us know about our company (family) :

Now let us know about our company (family)

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Mr. Karupuswamy Managing Director Mr. Narendran Director (Marketing) Mr.Ramakrishnan Director(Admin . & Finance ) Mr. Ravichandran Director (Services) Mr.Rajendran Director (Human Resources ) Board of Directors {EVER STRONG PILLARS OF FCARE FAMILY}

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Certificate Of Incorporation

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ISO Certificate

Life Time Free Membership:

Life Time Free Membership We will get 5 + 5 = 10 benefits The first 5 benefits you will get at the time of joining itself . On Registration

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To Activate The Registration We have To Purchase Any One Of The Packages Package I = Rs.4,000/= Money Return Plan


O 1) We Get a Branded One Set New Shirtings & Suitings With Bill From

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2) Business Opportunity for life time You can purchase your PIN in advance, and can be used at anytime

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3. Accidental Med claim Insurance From T A T A AIG OR Sum Assured 5,50,000 F U T U R E G E N E R A L I for any type of accident Risk Coverage Rs.5,00,000 Hospitalisation Exp. Rs . 50,000

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Cash Voucher Rs.1500 x 2

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1500 From A you get Þ Ha! Haa ! I got my money back !! With A One set of Branded Suitings & Shirtings From Donear Suitings & Shirtings A B Rs.4000 Rs.4000 Let’s see how MRP works 3000 Ü You get from B also 1500 + AS SPOT DIRECT SALES INSCENTIVE U


5. WEEKLY INCOME You can earn min. Rs.300 to max. Rs.20,000 per week depending upon your smart work . Weekly Cut-Off; Every Thursday – Wednesday Payout released on Every next Wednesday

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Weekly Cut-Off; Every Thursday – Wednesday Payout released on Every next W edesday

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Rs.1200/- YOUR SPONSOR LEFT RIGHT Rs. 300/- Rs. 600/- Rs.2100/- 5 12 8 4 25 67 67 134 7,500/- 20,000 /- Business Calculation Equal Nos. on Left and Right are considered as Pairs and per Pair Rs.300/- B A C F H G M I J D K L E X X1 X3 X2 X4 30 134 20,000/- 5 Excess Sales Carry Forwarded YOU Y Y1 Y2 W W1 1,500/- 2,400/- N Ceiling Limit :800 PV 1 PV = Rs.25/- TDS & Service charges 15.2 % will be deducted in every payment

7. Life long Monthly Royalty Income apart from in the field of MLM History at initial stage:

7 . Life long Monthly Royalty Income apart from in the field of MLM History at initial stage You can earn min. Rs.4000 –12,000 /- per month Rs.60/- from every newly joined member in a month will be deducted & deposited to GO Fund. This amount will be divided equally to all eligible* GOs and paid on 15 th of every month. *To get GO fund monthly, GOs must have a minimum earning of Rs.15,000 pm. Eligibility U 75 members LEFT RIGHT 75 members

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Benefit: 5 days & 4 night luxurious tour to Bangkok from Chennai is ABSOLUTELY FREE. 8 . Foreign Tour Eligibility U 5 G.O’s LEFT RIGHT 5 G.O’s

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9 . Car Achiever Rs.3 Lac For Purchase of Maruti Alto Car ABSOLUTELY FREE Registered in your name !! First time in India !!! Eligibility U 2 T.A’s L R 2 T.A’s

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9 . Directorship 10% Annual Profit sharing as Performance Bonus every year to all Directors; with a foreign country tour . Eligibility U 1 CAR. L R 1 CAR.

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10.Free Nomination Facility For Our Legal Business

Benefits in brief…:

Benefits in brief… Golden Organizer [Secured income on monthly basis*] 75 members on each side. Diamond Organizer – Tour Achiever 5 Gold. Org. on each side. Platinum Organizer – Car Achiever 2 Dia. Org. on each side. FCare King (Director) – Performance Bonus 10% Profit sharing of Net Annual Income of FCare .

Ordinary Thinking…:

Ordinary Thinking… U 20 pair x Rs.300/pair = 6000/- Let us think little bit smart & see what happens ! 20 entries LEFT RIGHT 20 entries 10 10 10 10 B C Smart Thinking ! A 21 pair x Rs.300/pair = 6300/- A B 10 pair x Rs.300/pair = 3000/- C 10 pair x Rs.300/pair = 3000/- Total Income = Rs.12,300/- IS IT A JOB or OPPORTUNITY ? DECIDE YOURSELF IYZ 94 434 19 317 91 711 06 717 C.S.THIYAGARAAJAN

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