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St. Lawrence Lowlands:

St. Lawrence Lowlands By Kennedy G ray

The Capital City and Some Provinces :

The C apital City and Some P rovinces These are the provinces in this region Toronto, Quebec city, and Montreal. T he capital city in this region is Ottawa. O ttawa


Landforms The lowlands are low, flat lands with gently rolling hills in southern Quebec and southern Ontario. The land was divided into long narrow strips.


Climate In St. Lawrence it gets a lot of snow in the winter, although the temperatures are usually mild .

Natural Resources:

Natural Resources Beluga whales live in the parts of St. Lawrence but the pollution in the river has made them sick so they are unable to reproduce. The Marine park helps to protect the ecosystem where the whales live, and also educates the pubic about the importance of protecting the fragile Marine environment.

Things that Improves the Quality of Life:

Things that I mproves the Quality of Life In Montreal, on a ship in the St. Lawrence river, it’s a great way to move things from place to place. Agriculture is very important in this region because a large variety of fruits and vegetables are grown in the St. Lawrence Lowlands.

Things that can impact the Quality of Life:

Things that can impact the Quality of Life The St. Lawrence river affects how many people live in the region. In R icton, Ontario, you can get ice cream from a near by dairy farms but there are over 9000 dairy farms .

Jobs :

Jobs In the St. Lawrence lowlands many people work in the mining industry, agriculture industry too.

St. Lawrence lowlands and Interior plains:

St. L awrence lowlands and Interior plains Similarities differences They have flat lands They have lakes and rivers They have warm temperatures in the winter They have farms They get lots of snow in the winter They have different provinces They have different jobs They have different natural resources They have different quality of life

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