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An advertising branding and film maker


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‘Winners don’t talk about bad situations, they deal with it ’


Zulfi Azad is one of the emerging business personalities in the field of Media Advertising and Branding who gained a renowned position with his continuous and long lasting effort. Awarded with ‘ Zee Young Achiever’s Award’ , ‘ CNEB Success Icon Award’ covered by PRAGYA Channel program “SUCCESS STORY” and many other awards from different channels, he is making India proud since last ten years. Currently, he is the Director-Creative of Plan Media Private Limited , a marketing and advertising company based in Delhi but his work engagement includes countries like India, Africa, USA and UK . African Countries especially Nigeria is the first choice in terms of entrepreneurship but when it comes to sell conversion they have to struggle a lot for their existence. But after the arrival of Zulfi Azad in the African market, countries that were nowhere standing in the queue have become a well-known entity now. And, Similar is the case with the UAE market. It has the second largest economy (among Arab Countries after Saudi Arabia) but it lacks in fulfilling Customer’s expectations and creating brand strategy at the local and global level. Zulfi Azad, being the face of Branding and Positioning in the international market played an important role in generating revenues for all those companies by involvement his innovative and out of the box ideas.


In the words of Zulfi Azad , ‘You will always experience good and bad situations in life but how you deal with it is of utmost importance because winners don’t talk about bad situations, they deal with it’. So if you want to achieve something in your life then try to overcome that situation in a positive way and you will always achieve success in return. There is no doubt that if you have the will power nothing can put you down and for that you need to be creative and innovative . Zulfi started his career in acting (in theatres) and then moved to production (while pursuing media course). Finally, he joined the advertising and branding field. During his journey, he also worked for the Jharkhand Government to manage their electoral campaign in the year 2014. The campaign included 25 audio-video films. Not only this, he also worked for the 2009 released Hindi Film ‘Trump Card’ where planning and casting the crew was his assigned work. He also worked for the promotion of many Hindi Films and Celebrities. We all know that it’s not easy to become an asset for different marketing companies but yes, with his creative mind and past experiences in Branding and Positioning, Zulfi Azad has increased the visibility of many small and big industries at the global level. It is only the effect of his dedication and hard work that he is booming the Indian Flag everywhere and making India Proud. Media Coverage Links as below; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLmfGsbTxeI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zGHZWUKnQI

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