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For today's Women in Business wanting new, creative, and smart ways to learn how to maximize resources and strategies.


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Women In Business:

Women In Business Am I Ready to Start a Business?

Women vs. Men:

2002-2010 Women Owned Businesses Growth Rate 10.4 to 21.2 Million 2002-2008 Women - Men Growth Rate Women 11% Men 12% Employment Women Hiring Rate 2% Men Hiring Rate -1% Women vs. Men

Am I ready to Start a Business:

Am I ready to Start a Business Research shows that the differences between women and men entrepreneurs begin with their own reasons for starting a business . Men tend to start businesses to be the "boss," and their aim is for their businesses to grow as big as possible. Women start businesses to be personally challenged and to integrate work and family, and they want to stay at a size where they personally can oversee all aspects of the business . (WSJ, Andrea Levy )

PowerPoint Presentation:

Top 6 FAQ’s to Starting a Business

FAQ #1:

I don’t know what kind of business I should start? The Examination: SWOT Assessment FAQ #1 ????

Women Owned Firms:

Women Owned Firms The Most Impacted Industries – Number of Firms % Industry 45 10.8 Administrative, support, waste remediation 46 11.0 Business services 32 7.7 Communication, media 26 6.2 Financial, real estate, insurance 36 8.6 Healthcare, social assistance 29 7.0 Personal services 87 20.9 Professional, scientific, technical services 56 13.4 Retail, wholesale 60 14.4 Other

FAQ #2:

How do I determine who my target market will be? Market Analysis FAQ #2

FAQ #3:

How can I grow my business in years to come? The Vision FAQ #3

Building Relationships:

Building Relationships Circle of Influences & Power of Influences

FAQ #4:

I have an idea of where I want to go, how do I get there? The Plan FAQ #4

FAQ #5:

I need capital to get started-where can I get financed? Access to Capital 62% of Women Start a Business with Less Capital than Men. FAQ #5

FAQ #6:

Where can I find assistance, support and resources ? Assistance Wade Institute (WIN) 661 621-4080 FAQ #6

Am I Ready Survey:

1 . Do you know who your competitors are? 2. Do you have financing to get started? 3. Do you have experience in the industry? 4. Do you have the ability to take little or no salary during the first few months of your business’s life cycle? 5. Have you prepared or started a business plan? 6. Are you still in the planning stages? 7 . Have you researched your industry? 8. Have you secured your name (DBA-Doing Business As) also known as “Fictitious Business Name” 9. Can you dedicate at minimum 20 hours a week on your business? 10. Do you have a name for your business? 11. Have you setup your home office? 12. Where do you see your business in 3 years? Am I Ready Survey If you can answer yes to more than half of the following questions, you may be ready to start a business.

Much Success on Your Journey :

Much Success on Your Journey

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