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Building a Better Internship:

Building a Better Internship Denver Botanic Gardens’ Internship Opportunities for Students Exploring Careers in Public Gardens

Features of an internship at Denver Botanic Gardens:

Features of an internship at Denver Botanic Gardens 20 acres in cultivation in the heart of Denver plus two satellite locations More than 14,000 taxa to explore Alpine ecosystem just a short drive away Plains ecosystem just a short drive away Talented, knowledgeable and accessible staff Focus on water-smart gardening and regionally adapted plants

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First horticulture intern in 1976 First horticultural therapy intern in 1979 5 to 8 paid horticulture interns each summer In addition to horticulture, internship opportunities are available in education and research From across the U.S. – Maryland to California, from Wisconsin to Texas Geared toward college or community college students Funded by generous donors and their endowments Background

What do our Interns do? …work that matters!:

What do our Interns do? …work that matters! Involved in all phases of daily life in a public garden Water - Participate in staff meetings Weed - Prepare for events Plant - Develop and implement programs Mulch Accession & map plants Horticulture Interns also work on a project or work in a specialized garden

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work in the garden

work on a project or in a specialized garden:

work on a project or in a specialized garden

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Working in a specialized garden can include challenges as diverse as: learning new pruning techniques moving a tree that is hundreds of years old building a new garden feature

Internship in Plant Records:

Internship in Plant Records

Internship in Horticultural Therapy:

Internship in Horticultural Therapy

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Group Projects

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Fieldtrips and Educational Opportunities

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The Denver Botanic Gardens’ Internship was incredible.  Such an education and fellowship focused experience is rarely found. Kelli 2011 It was the best thing I ever did in my horticulture career. Abby 2012 This has been the best learning and work experience I have ever had. Sam 2012 It has opened my eyes to so many more options I have graduating with a degree in horticulture. Abby 2013 I can’t wait to get back to school and tell everyone about my experiment and the field trips that we got to go on, and especially all of the people I got to meet. Jameson 2013

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