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Localism and the Power of Green Place-Making: Connecting with Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Project History:

Project History Engaged by Brooklyn Botanic Garden, funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies Our Brief—Talk to people in Brooklyn communities the Garden identifies as “under-represented” and learn why they are infrequent visitors Our Deliverables—Ethnographic Portraits of these Brooklynites : their relationships to green spaces, plants, nature and more narrowly, Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Research Design:

Research Design Four Brooklyn neighborhoods identified as “under-represented ”: Sunset Park, East Flatbush, Flatbush and Bay Ridge Ethnographic Approach: Homework collages In-home and local green spaces Visit to Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Faces of the Project:

Faces of t he Project

Localism and Brooklyn:

Localism and Brooklyn Localism is at the heart of cultural creativity in Brooklyn Brooklyn is a hotbed of localism and epicenter of “new urbanism” A source of Brooklyn cool and cachet This is Brooklyn’s moment


Connecting But what makes “the local” local? Connecting … From m eaningful lines of connection among people , culture, and landscape the local is imagined and created The local embodies such connections Shared values, shared commitments, shared tastes

Green Place-Making:

Green Place-Making In the course of our search for diversity we found this same process of making connections at work Regardless of class, race, ethnicity, neighborhood any other demographic variables, we discovered people making connections through and around plants and green spaces A phenomenon we call green place-making Not surprisingly plants and growing are a new source of localism Plants and green spaces are key elements of Brooklyn’s urban re-invention 6

Green Place-Making:

Green Place-Making

BBG as a Local Place :

BBG as a Local Place On site at BBG we found people seeking and finding the local much like in micro-communities that we discovered across the borough As a concentrated and curated bit of nature— a world of plants —BBG is a place that people visit to make connections W ith themselves With others With nature These are experiences that they “own”, a landscape they can lay claim to in ways that are quite powerful and unique for a cultural institution

BBG as a Local Place:

BBG as a Local Place A landscape they can own… Connecting with the past, with cultural memory As a world of plants unto itself it gives free rein to the cultural imagination A heterotopia where many different life worlds are referenced and evoked

BBG as a Local Place:

BBG as a Local Place What is Localism in the context of the Garden? It is the experience of green place-making which is at the heart of every garden visit Different gardens within the Garden, different views and perspectives that take visitors to different times and places An experience of “connectedness” that visitors can “own” Localism is also a core element of BBG’s brand identity One of Brooklyn’s cultural jewels A Brooklyn destination A world of plants

BBG as a Local Place:

BBG as a Local Place The local also finds expression in BBG programs and design The new H erb Garden The Chile Pepper Festival GreenBridge and the Greenest Block in Brooklyn!

Marketing and Outreach Implications:

Marketing and Outreach Implications Beyond Diversity Marketing … Think about how BBG participates in the meanings of Brooklyn A time and a place of flux and change where localism is a spark for creativity A unifying message built on shared interest in plants, growing and Brooklyn Leveraging cultural capital of BBG as a local institution

Thank You!:

Thank You! 13

Epilogue: Green Place-Making 2.0:

Epilogue: Green Place-Making 2.0 Improvisational community Mobile green spaces Local/Global collaboration and branding A groundswell of urban greening 14

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