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The Transformative Nature of Weather – Getting in “Front” of the Storms:

The Transformative Nature of Weather – Getting in “Front” of the Storms June 2014

Shawn Kister:

Shawn Kister Grounds Leader

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WHITE PINE “DECLINE”? BACK TO THE FUTURE…Imagine this, it's 2014 - business is booming thanks to that long-lasting economic upswing - and the future you is looking at a client's white pines, which like many others have recently “suddenly” declined. Why is that? What happened recently that could cause this? Hey! Future you! - don't forget the harsh reality of winter 2010. The snow load and winter storm damage will be a memory... but reflect upon what white pines endured this past winter. First, extensive use of deicing salts that stayed in the soil for weeks. Second, major snow and wind loads caused limb losses, structural defects and even trunk splits/cracking (for more detail see Hotline Issue #1). Then, heavy rains prolonged the already wet soil conditions further increasing root stress. Lost and broken limbs, even with pruning cuts, can be entry courts for decay fungi, twig beetles, and borers. Structural impacts may not be readily visible; they often heal slowly and present major hazards. Stressed trees and mild winter soil temperatures beneath the snow pack may stimulate 2010 weevil populations (white pine, pales, and pine root collar). (BTW - have you scouted NOW for glistening resin on terminals from WPW?) The root stress from waterlogged soils may have resulted in root rot fungi like Verticladiella procera … AND all the deicing salts?

Weather Impact – Short Term:

Weather Impact – Short Term Events Staffing Management on decision making – who makes what? Lessons learned – who does what? Communication, communication, communication – Internal and External Marketing, Facebook, Website

What you need before the event::

What you need before the event: Detailed plans for storm event C ontractors lined up, supplies on hand or available Horticulture Disaster Preparedness Plans D ocument listing plans and resources Essential Employee status Communication lines P hone tree, email, group lists

Resources Longwood Uses:

Resources Longwood Uses NOAA’s National Weather Service Readynotifypa Local weather stations StreamerRt , by Earth Networks Longwood EOC report

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