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Membership Magicians:

Membership Magicians Refine Your Act for Extraordinary Results!

Membership Legerdemain:

Membership Legerdemain leg·er·de·main noun  \ˌle- jər - də -ˈ mān \: skill in using your hands (and head!) to perform everyday magic 1 :    sleight of hand 2 :   a display of skill or adroitness Example: the illusionist's show is an entertaining blend of legerdemain  and over-the- top showmanship.

Membership Legerdemain:

Membership Legerdemain Membership Managers must display mastery and skill in these areas: ACQUISITION RENEWAL RETENTION UPGRADE

Acquisition & Retention:

Acquisition & Retention What is the cost of acquiring a new customer as compared to the cost of keeping an existing customer? “…most sources say the answer is that it costs between 4 and 10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one.” “Research shows that it can cost up to 30 times as much to get a new customer as it does to keep an existing one. It pays to stay very close to your customers…your aim is to be irreplaceable as their supplier.” Portions quoted from The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Make Membership Work For You http:// /PDF/Cost-of-customer-acquisition- vs -customer-retention

Acquisition & Retention:

Acquisition & Retention $.30 to $.50 to raise a dollar through on-site acquisition $.50 to $1.50 to raise $1.00 in direct mail acquisition; investment should pay off in year two with renewals. May spend as little as $.10 to bring in a $1.00 in renewals. Once you have engaged a member, try to KEEP THEM!

ACT 1: Tricks of the Trade:

ACT 1: Tricks of the Trade Excellent Customer Service Creative Retention Programs Effective Renewal Program Unique Upgrade Campaign

Customer Service:

Customer Service Strive for excellent customer service throughout the organization Meet, anticipate, exceed members’ expectations

Customer Service:

Customer Service Answer phones and return messages asap Deliver materials and benefits promptly Extend many personal thank- you’s (notes, e-mails, phone, in person ) Use up your business cards, and order more! Give your members the white glove treatment! !

Immediate Confirmations:

Immediate Confirmations Dear Mrs. Brandeis, This e-mail is to confirm that you have renewed as a Family Plus 2 Year Member #52912 at the Atlanta Botanical Garden today in the name of Mrs. Tricia Brandeis. You have submitted a payment of $232.00 and your membership will be valid through June 30, 2016. Present this e-mail and a photo ID as proof of your membership at the Admissions booth, when you visit the Garden before you receive your permanent cards in the mail within 2-3 weeks. Please remember that you receive reciprocal benefits with nearly 300 other gardens in North America and the Cayman Islands under the American Horticulture Society. You may visit for a complete listing of participating gardens. Gardens within 90 miles of the Atlanta Botanical Garden are not included. Please feel free to contact me in the future should you have questions or need assistance. We greatly appreciate your generous membership support of the Garden! Claudia McDavid Membership Manager   Atlanta Botanical Garden 1345 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30309 PH: 404-591-1538 | FX: 404-876-7472 |

Customer Service :

Customer Service You’ll never have a product or price advantage again. They can be easily duplicated, but a strong customer service culture can’t be copied. ~  Jerry Fritz Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet. ~  Kevin Stirtz Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. ~ Damon Richards Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you. ~  Chip Bell

Creative Retention Program:

Creative Retention Program Unique, memorable and personal experiences * Imaginary Worlds Preview * Breakfast in the Garden * Member Evenings Member Appreciation Month Thank You bonus guest pass

Member Preview:

Member Preview Photo Ops

Breakfast in the Garden:

Breakfast in the Garden A great upgrade incentive for lower levels!

Member Evenings:

Member Evenings

Member Evenings:

Member Evenings

Member Appreciation:

Member Appreciation

Member Appreciation:

Member Appreciation We Love O ur Members Response rate on first request was 43% overall, and 57% for multi years… That’s extraordinary!!

Bonus Guest Pass:

Bonus Guest Pass

Refining the Renewal:

Refining the Renewal 2012 2013 2014 E-Renewal √ √ √ E-Reminders √ TY Postcard to New Mbrs √ Letter 1 w/insert w/insert w/insert Letter 2 w/insert w/insert w/insert Renewal Call √ √ Letter 3 no insert no insert w/insert Letter 4 no insert no insert w/insert Lapsed Call √ √ Dropped Calls 2 times/yr. continuous continuous

Renewal E-Request:

Renewal E-Request FROM: To ensure you won’t miss a single benefit or opportunity your membership provides, please renew your membership online today ! TO: Catch a Deal with an Early Bird Renewal - Only Thru January 5 A prompt renewal benefits you and the Garden! You’ll receive two extra guest passes (value $37.90) if you renew your membership online by January 5th!

Renewal Letter:

Renewal Letter Are you looking for an even richer experience at the Garden? Consider upgrading your membership to enjoy a wider variety of benefits, such as Platinum tickets for Concerts in the Garden , available at the Donor level. If you are interested in additional savings, take advantage of our multi-year membership ~ truly the best value!

Everyday Magic Results 2012 to 2013:

E veryday Magic Results 2012 to 2013 Renewal Rates Overall + 8% First Year + 6% Multi Year + 5% Two Year Members 2012 – 2013 +10% 2013 – 2014 +31% Upgrades +11% Member Event +90% Attendance

To be Continued with…:

To be Continued with… Telemarketing

Some Insights on the Successful Atlanta Botanical Garden Telephone Renewal Program:

Some Insights on the Successful Atlanta Botanical Garden Telephone Renewal Program Presented by Peter LeMaster LeMaster Marketing Group LeMaster Marketing Group

Approach for Membership Marketing Success:

Approach for Membership Marketing Success Well trained, knowledgeable contact agents Calls shaped by a personalized script Smart use of technology Immediate test for efficacy of the call Objectives and achievements LeMaster Marketing Group

Core Group of Well Trained Agents:

Core Group of Well Trained Agents Contact agents trained to actively listen Be sensitive to member feedback Respond positively to questions and concerns Confirm, update and add new information to the member record Secure payment LeMaster Marketing Group

Knowledgeable Representatives:

Knowledgeable Representatives Thoroughly trained on member benefits Knowledgeable about the Garden Provide information and the latest news Invite questions LeMaster Marketing Group

Calls Shaped by a Personalized Script:

Calls Shaped by a Personalized Script Script helps guide the contact agent Message consistently delivered Important points are covered Natural conversation Being personable = members comfortable LeMaster Marketing Group

Sample Scripts:

Sample Scripts LeMaster Marketing Group

Smart Use of Technology:

Smart Use of Technology Predictive dialers vs. preview dialing Caller ID display Our program provides multi-channel contact services Feedback collected LeMaster Marketing Group

Generic caller IDs can be a disaster in achieving connections and success.:

Generic caller IDs can be a disaster in achieving connections and success. LeMaster Marketing Group        

We use the Garden’s name and phone number on our caller ID display.:

We use the Garden’s name and phone number on our caller ID display. LeMaster Marketing Group

Immediate Confirmation: Mailed:

Immediate Confirmation: Mailed “Mrs. Clarke, we will mail you a confirmation letter for your membership renewal via First-Class mail, and you should receive it within the next 3 to 4 days.” LeMaster Marketing Group

Immediate Confirmation: E-mail:

Immediate Confirmation: E-mail LeMaster Marketing Group “I can also send you an e-mail confirmation that will enable you to visit the Garden right away. Would that be helpful?” It’s like “ magic everyday” to see that members are renewing through our telemarketing efforts.

Feedback Collected:

Feedback Collected Interesting insights shared with other depts. at the Garden LeMaster Marketing Group

Sample Report:

Sample Report LeMaster Marketing Group

Immediate Test for Efficacy of the Call:

Immediate Test for Efficacy of the Call There is only one test for the efficacy of telemarketing: What was the net effect of the campaign? LeMaster Marketing Group

ABG Telefundraising Objectives:

ABG Telefundraising Objectives Renew lapsed or dropped members Upgrade members to higher levels Share news about the Garden LeMaster Marketing Group

ABG Telefundraising Achievements:

ABG Telefundraising Achievements Individualized contact service delivered 2.4 times as much net $$$ as compared to the previous fiscal year, for the same budget allocation 91% of members paid for their renewal by credit card on the phone, thereby eliminating costly member follow-ups Not a single complaint LeMaster Marketing Group

Some Final Thoughts:

Some Final Thoughts Multi-channel members have a higher lifetime value Don’t let preconceived ideas hamper your success Don’t be penny wise and dollar foolish Testing can reveal the best allocation of resources to drive results Using the phone for membership renewal contacts can also uncover planned giving leads With the right approach, $500 Donor members can be upgraded to $2,500 Arbor Circle on the phone by credit card LeMaster Marketing Group

To be continued with…:

To be continued with… Direct Mail Upgrade Campaigns

Upgrade Campaign Magic How to Levitate Your Members to a Higher Giving Level:

Mae Daniller President Upgrade Campaign Magic How to Levitate Your Members to a Higher Giving Level Martha Ernst Vice President American Public Garden Association, June 24, 2014

For Your Next Trick…:

Levitate your members to a higher giving level Wow your audience with: strong response high average gift great ROI (Magician’s secret…it’s in the offer) For Your Next Trick… $75 Individual $125 Dual

Proven Tricks:

Utilize proven strategies to maximize your upgrade appeals Multiple channels : mail, email, telemarketing Strong offer Easy to understand Ask just prior to entering renewal cycle Only one or two levels up Often discount plus something else Don’t forget upper level member upgrades Create custom landing page , confirmation email , acknowledgment letter Measure and track your results Proven Tricks

Three Main Opportunities:

Renewal series One-time appeal Regular upgrade campaigns Three Main Opportunities

1. Renewal Series:

Create custom ask strings for reply form and landing page 1. Renewal Series Plus, when you step up to the Contributor level, you’ll receive you'll free admission for two additional guests each time you visit, and two free wristbands to the annual Gardens on Tour event (a $50 value). Use variable copy in the letter/email

2. One-time Appeal:

2. One-time Appeal Associated with exhibition, event, or grand opening Option: Create upgrade version of acquisition package

3. Regular Upgrade Campaigns:

Frequency: Monthly, quarterly, bi-annually Timing within member year: 4-6 months before expiration (just prior to renewal cycle) Example offer Discounted rate Upgraded benefits for next year and remainder of current year Include event or other incentive Consider adding a premium Err on the side of generosity! 3. Regular Upgrade Campaigns


Per campaign 1 direct mail effort 2 -3 email reminders Optional: telemarketing Provide four response channels on every communication Create custom landing page, confirmation email, acknowledgment letter Multi-Channel Online On-site Mail Phone

Upgrade Campaigns – Sample:

Upgrade Campaigns – Sample

The letter is key:

Don’t forget to thank them first! The letter is key Clearly state offer with custom ask level(s) Describe the valuable, new benefits they’ll enjoy

Upgrade Campaigns – Sample:

Upgrade Campaigns – Sample

Upgrade Campaigns – Sample:

Upgrade Campaigns – Sample

Email Follow-ups:

Follow up direct mail with 2-3 email reminders Email Follow-ups Personalize Name Clear offer with custom ask level(s) Obvious links/buttons to respond Multiple response channels

Landing Pages:

Landing Pages Use level-specific landing pages or offer codes to: reinforce offer prevent taking discount on current level 47% of people who visit a site intending to give a donation give up before completing the process!

Measure Results:

Segment and code files to determine what is working First-year versus multi-year By member level Many recipients may upgrade in renewals after receiving upgrade package …watch for this Adjust strategy to strengthen Adjust offer Eliminate segments if not responding (e.g. first years) Measure Results

Upper Level Upgrade Campaign:

Ask best supporters to increase support Can bring in significant income Consider the package More upscale package Highly personalized Hand signed by Executive Director or other high-level staff member Mailed first class Personal phone calls from Dev. Director or high-level staff Upper Level Upgrade Campaign

Upper Level Upgrade Campaign:

Upper Level Upgrade Campaign 9”x12” package

Upgrades Are Magic:

Maximize membership revenue In renewals, one-time, or regular campaign Multiple channels Strong offer Upper level upgrades Upgrades Are Magic

Thank you!:

Mae Daniller President Thank you! Martha Ernst Vice President American Public Garden Association, June 24, 2014

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