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Orchid Conservation Messaging in Public Gardens :

Orchid Conservation Messaging in Public Gardens C hunying Ling Longwood Graduate Fellow University of Delaware


Introduction O rchid family > 25,000 species V ersatile plants in biology , economics, politics, romance, literature, and even medicine Gardens P eople Orchids Programs

Materials & Methods:

Materials & Methods Survey of Garden Groups Keywords: orchid & orchids Generated and administered by Qualtrics ™ D istributed to 237 selected gardens, 64(27%) completed Institutional Case Studies Mt. Cuba Center , DE, USA Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden , FL , USA National Orchid Conservation Center of China , Guangdong, China

Survey Results :

Survey Results

PowerPoint Presentation:

Orchid Collection Baseline

PowerPoint Presentation:

Primary Purpose of Orchid Collection Others: Education , information and inspiration for the public, an annual orchid show

Utilization of an Orchid Collection :

Utilization of an Orchid C ollection Others: research and collaboration with other organizations through orchid projects, scientific research , and horticultural competition

Educational Programs Relating to Orchids :

Educational Programs R elating to Orchids Other: Lectures and publications, guided e thnobotanic tours , orchid festivals, and in-house programs for clubs, schools and other groups.

Conservation Messaging Programs :

Conservation Messaging Programs Others: orchid blog, outreach lecturing , presentations for visitors, and orchid house or orchid locations in situ

Case Studies :

Case Studies

Mt. Cuba Center Hockessin, DE, USA :

Mt . Cuba Center Hockessin , DE, USA

Wildflower Celebration at Mt. Cuba:

Wildflower Celebration at Mt. Cuba

Orchid Conference and Tours:

Orchid C onference and Tours Continuing Education Classes Collaboration with North American Orchid Conservation Center

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Coral Gables, FL:

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Coral Gables, FL

Million Orchids Campaign:

Million Orchids Campaign

Student Participation by Local Schools:

Student Participation by Local S chools

International Orchid Festival :

Three days lectures OrKids at the Kidway The Orchid Tea Room Vanilla Orchids in the Edible Garden Orchid Plaza in the Rainforest International Orchid Festival

National Orchid Conservation Center of China (The Orchid Center) Shenzhen, GuangDong, China:

Photo provided by NOCCC National Orchid Conservation Center of China (The Orchid Center) S henzhen, GuangDong , China

PowerPoint Presentation:

Photo provided by NOCCC Orchid Germplasm Collection Effort 150 acres, over 950 species, over 1.5 million individual plants

Friendly Conservation Strategy :

Friendly C onservation Strategy D endrobium officinale Chi nese medicine ”Shih - hu ”

Greenhouse Production of Dendrobium:

Greenhouse Production of Dendrobium

Education Programs:

E ducation Programs Summer Camp Exhibition Center Photos provided by NOCCC

Conclusion :

Conclusion According to the survey, not a large number of public gardens have an orchid collection, and m ost public gardens use orchids for display Even fewer public gardens have well established educational programs regarding orchids and orchid conversation T he three case studies in this research have exemplary orchid education, conservation, and propagation strategies.   Lessons from these 3 gardens could be applied worldwide.

Recommendations :

Recommendations Provide education for s taff Make displays more educational Collaborate with other organizations Utilize multiple communication tools

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