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Driving Sustainability through Employee Engagement:

Deborah Frank, Missouri Botanical Garden Gwen Stauffer, Lotusland Jack Woodland, Kohler Gardens Sarah HedeaN , Smithsonian Gardens Driving Sustainability through Employee Engagement

Advancing Sustainability within Institutional Operations:

Advancing Sustainability within Institutional Operations Built Environment Buildings/Parking Lots Construction and Maintenance Garden Operations** Horticulture/Purchasing/Housekeeping Guest Services** Dining/Waste Management/Public Events

Set the Stage for a Great Green Team:

Set the Stage for a Great Green Team Secure Institutional Buy-in at the Top Managers to approve and support Green Team staff time Green Team facilitator should be part of the senior management team. Green team members should be passionate about the topic and willing to communicate with others. Green teams should represent all audiences within the institution.

MBG’s Green Team Strategy:

MBG’s Green Team Strategy All Buildings/Sites are Represented Topical expertise brought in as-needed Roll out initiatives via Employee Campaigns

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Celebrate accomplishments while c ontinuing to g row Greener !



Corey Welles, Plant Health Coordinator cwelles@lotusland.org:

Corey Welles, Plant Health Coordinator cwelles@lotusland.org

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Kohler Company and the Botanical Gardens of Kohler The Journey to Net Zero 2035

Kohler Company at a Glance:

Kohler Company at a Glance Kitchen and Bath Group Interiors Group Global Power Group Hospitality and Real Estate Group

PowerPoint Presentation:

First planned garden community in the United States 1913 – Walter J. Kohler Sr. hired the Olmstead Brothers to design the green spaces of the Village of Kohler – 50 Year Master Plan 1977 – Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation – second 50 Year Master Plan Planned development emphasized a focus on environmental sensitivity, tree plantings, woodland and wetland preservation Village of Kohler became a Registered Botanic Garden in 2004 Botanical Gardens of Kohler

Sustainability at Kohler:

Sustainability at Kohler “Man has been creating a new world but neglecting to prepare himself to live in it in a rational way. He has great power to control his environment. It is high time for him to take the problem earnestly in hand .” Walter Kohler Sr. , President, 1934 30 years ago Herbert V. Kohler Jr. , Chairman and CEO, includes “the enhancement of nature” to Kohler Co.’s mission statement 2009 - Net Zero by 2035 Sustainability Strategic Plan is championed by David Kohler , President and Chief Operating Officer

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Environmental Footprint Reduce carbon and solid waste footprint 4% annually to achieve NET ZERO by 2035. Align environmental footprint with waste and cost reduction efforts. Product Innovation Create products and services that are More Environmentally Favorable without sacrificing design or performance. Awareness and Education Institutionalize sustainability within Kohler Co. by educating internal and external stakeholders and driving sustainable practices in our daily work.


KOHLER ENVIRONMENTAL LEADERSHIP TEAM (KELT) A group of sustainability leaders, comprised of key associates from all divisions Responsible for driving top down sustainability strategy creation and execution Includes vice presidents, directors, engineers, and top level managers


SUSTAINABILITY CHAMPIONS WE WANT YOU TO HELP DRIVE SUSTAINABILITY Our goal as Sustainability Champions is to serve as resources and drive sustainability initiatives through our group. If you’re interested in joining a KOHLER sustainability team or have ideas you’d like our team to implement, I encourage you to see one of us or send and email to: XXXXXXXXXXXX@kohler.com XXXXXXXXXXXX@kohler.com XXXXXXXXXXXX@kohler.com Educate, inspire and guide their fellow associates on embracing and implementing Sustainability Strategy Engage associates by relating Kohler sustainability strategies to their own job responsibilities Act as a liaison between the Kohler Environmental Leadership Team and Kohler associates Support the creation and execution of action plans to identify and measure sustainable initiatives within their respective departments


SUSTAINABILITY EDUCATION AND AWARENESS Associates have ample opportunities to learn practices and principles of sustainability in the workplace.


SUSTAINABILITY SEED MONEY Sometimes a project needs a little something to get it growing—like a little “seed” funding. This money is set aside specifically to aid Sustainability Champions in initiating projects that support Kohler’s journey to NetZero by 2035. Getting this money is not automatic. Champions must submit an application detailing the project and how that project supports the three P’s (people, planet and profit) and other requirements. The application will be considered by the Sustainability Champion Project Review team, which meets monthly. A requirement of this funding is that Champions tell the story of their project: how they did it and what the results were. These stories and photos will be shared with other associates globally through various methods, in hopes that it will inspire others to take action in their areas.


Irrigation systems throughout the Hospitality and Real Estate businesses and Corporate Administrative Grounds properties incorporate automated controls that precisely deliver the minimal amount of irrigation water to maintain healthy turfgrass . Sprinkler heads are individually adjusted to avoid overspray to non target areas. Rain sensors automatically cancel scheduled irrigation programs during and following rainfall events. Estimated annual savings of 380,00 gallons. WATER


The American Club and Inn on Woodlake hotels recently established partnerships with the Global Soap Project and Clean The World. These non-profit organizations recover and recycle soap and amenity bottles from US hotels.  The soap is reprocessed and then distributed to residents of refugee camps in Africa and other vulnerable populations around the world. This win-win partnership reduces hotel waste and provides soap to refugees, the majority of whom are women and children. WASTE


Recent lighting upgrades throughout the Hospitality businesses include replacement of inefficient T12 fluorescent and incandescent lamps with more efficient T8 fluorescent and CFL lamps in back of house areas.  Over 1000 fixture upgrades resulted in an estimated annual energy savings of $27,688. ENERGY


Landscape Services associates remove mini white lights from trees after the lights have reached the end of their useful life. In 2012, more than 2,700 pounds of lights were recycled generating $1,150 in revenue from recycled material. RECYCLING


Comprehensive Recycling Program Focus on Energy Audits Water Efficient Fixtures, Back-of-House Food Scrap Recycling Eliminating Disposable Utensils in Breakrooms Selecting Appropriate Lighting Levels in Workspaces Specifying Green Cleaning Products 2-Sided Copy/Printing Policy Composting Organic Garden Waste Rainwater Capture/Recycle Utilizing Wood Waste as Biofuel OTHER ASSOCIATE DRIVEN IDEAS

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No part of this presentation may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission of the American Public Gardens Association. Copyright © 2013 by the American Public Gardens Association. All rights reserved. The American Public Gardens Association V ision: A world where public gardens are indispensable APGA 2013 Garden Evolution Conference _______________________________________________

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