Creating Sustainable Displays Part 3

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Duke Farms:

Duke Farms Creating Sustainable Displays within your Gardens that can be Recreated by Visitors in Residential Landscapes APGA Conference May 21, 2013 Kathy Salisbury Team Leader, Education

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James (Buck) Buchanan Duke 1856-1925 Innovator & Entrepreneur Philanthropist Founder of American Tobacco Company (1890) Founder of Duke Power Company (April 30, 1904) Founder of The Duke Endowment (1924) Benefactor of Duke University (1924) Creator of Duke Farms (1893)

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New York Times MARCH 26, 1905

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Doris Duke 1912-1993 Philanthropist& Art Collector Environmentalist & Preservation Innovator & Forward thinker Founder of the Newport Restoration Foundation (1968) Founder of the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art (1996) Founder of the Duke Gardens Foundation (opened to public in 1964) Gave away about $300 million (often anonymously) during her lifetime Left $1.2 Billion to charity upon her death Benefactress of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and related entities(1996)

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The Last Will and Testament of Doris Duke … protect endangered species of all kinds, both flora and fauna, from becoming extinct …..this property is to be used for the exclusive purpose of maintaining and protecting the wildlife located on the property.

Duke Farms Mission :

Duke Farms Mission To be a model of sustainability and to inspire informed stewards of the land.

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The 2742 acres of Duke Farms Habitats are approximately : Wetlands: 528.5 acres Woodlots: 810.5 acres Grassland Bird Conservation: 536 acres Pollinator Meadows: 594 acres Lakes 66 acres Agricultural Fields: 207 acres 25,000 Square Foot LEED Platinum Orientation Center & Office Space LEED Gold Conservatory 1 Square Mile Fenced from Deer $45,000,000 project

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