Creating a Butterfly Exhibit - Part 1

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Creating a Butterfly Exhibit: If You Build It, Will They Come? :

Creating a Butterfly Exhibit: If You Build It, Will They Come?

Cynthia Druckenbrod:

Cynthia Druckenbrod Entomologist/Horticulturist in Butterfly Exhibits – 22 years Cleveland Botanical Garden – 14 years

Tina Dombrowski:

Tina Dombrowski Horticulturist 37 years Como Park Zoo and Conservatory 7 years Butterfly Exhibits 13 years

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Como Park Zoo & Conservatory, St. Paul Texas Discovery Gardens, Dallas

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Gail Manning Entomologist - 35 years Butterfly exhibits - 19 years Fort Worth Botanic Garden - 7 years

Elaine McGinn:

Elaine McGinn Designer for permanent, seasonal, and temporary exhibits at the Desert Botanical Garden P ortfolio of projects include: Sybil B. Harrington Cactus and Succulent Galleries Center for Desert Living Trail Harriet K. Maxwell Desert Wildflower trail D eveloped and opened the seasonal Spring Butterfly exhibit in 2002 and Mariposa Monarca in 2006.

Why Build a Butterfly Exhibit? :

Why Build a Butterfly Exhibit? Enhances the guest experience The engagement power of free-flying butterflies is indisputable! Provides additional teaching opportunities of plant/animal interactions Increases average visitation time Helps to connect guests to plants and wildlife gardening in their own yards.

Creating Special Moments:

Creating Special Moments

The ROI of Butterflies:

The ROI of Butterflies Butterfly exhibits expand audiences Reiman Gardens at Iowa State Monsanto Insectarium, St. Louis Zoo More impactful at Public Gardens vs. Zoos

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Seasonal Exhibits

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Permanent Exhibits

Indoor Butterfly Exhibits:

Indoor Butterfly Exhibits Smithsonian Butterfly Exhibit- National Museum of Natural History American Museum of Natural History

Construction and USDA :

Construction and USDA permits/organism/butterflies_moths.shtml - Level 2 e-Authentication account ! -PPQ 526 Permit- movement of live plant pests -8 weeks-18 months for approval Exotic butterflies - Importation and Interstate movement Native butterflies - Interstate movement only

PowerPoint Presentation: / downloads/arthropod_biocontrol_containment_guidelines.pdf

Which Species and Why? :

Which Species and Why? Heliconius spp. $2-3.50 each

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Owls ( Caligo sp.) - $2-4 each Parides sp.- $2-3 each Morpho sp.- $4-6 each More Neotropical Species

Common Old World Species :

Common Old World Species Papilio polytes $2-3 each Idea leuconoe $2-3 each Parthenos sylvia $2 each Hypolimnas bolina $2-3 each

The Butterfly Brokers:

The Butterfly Brokers http:// pupaeshop /

The Butterfly Brokers:

The Butterfly Brokers

Native Species:

Native Species BUTTERFLIES UNLIMITED Dale Clark, Owner

Butterfly Impact:

Butterfly Impact Size matters! Bring the butterflies close Achieve more butterfly bang for your buck Niagara Parks Conservatory showing ceiling netting

$$ Butterfly $$:

$$ Butterfly $$ How many butterflies do you need to make a successful exhibit? Depends on your mission (stand-alone, naturalistic, seasonal) Budgets vary from 5K-100K+/annually for butterflies alone. Shipping costs range from $150-$300 per international shipment N. Am spp are pricier t han exotic spp.

Cleveland Botanical Garden butterfly budget: 200 pupae/wk = 30K/yr:

Cleveland Botanical Garden butterfly budget: 200 pupae/ wk = 30K/ yr

PowerPoint Presentation:

El Bosque

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