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Case Presentation Client: Mary:

Case Presentation Client: Mary Caitlyn Shult Fordham university

Brief History :

Brief History 17 year old Caucasian bisexual female diagnosed with depression, anorexia, and anxiety. Parents have anger issues and causes issues at home Has an older brother who is away at and IVY league college and is compared to brother Client still self harms

Presenting Problem:

Presenting Problem Smokes marijuana and from the “ Juul ” Doesn’t see it as a problem uses it to cope Doesn’t know how to properly express her feelings and past exerpiences Self harms Mental illness


Modality Individual therapy Group therapy at high school Session with school social worker and intern

Treatment Plan:

Treatment Plan Meeting her therapist once a week

Plans for future actions:

Plans for future actions New therapist Getting her a psychiatrist


Challenges Client doesn’t want to talk about her past abuse Client doesn’t follow through with plans Client shows resistance Laziness

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