Unit 13 Modals of Request

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FOG Unit 13: Modals of Request : 

FOG Unit 13: Modals of Request ESOL Oral Comm Intermediate Shoup

Unit Objectives : 

Unit Objectives Requests with: can could will would would you mind

Grammar in Context (p. 144-145) : 

Grammar in Context (p. 144-145) What is Marcia’s e-mail address? Who did Marcia send e-mails to? Who did she get e-mails from? Let’s listen. Notice the different types of requests.

After you read (p. 146) : 

After you read (p. 146) True or False? T F T F

Requests… : 

Requests… Could you turn on the TV? Will you turn on the TV? Would you turn on the TV? Can you turn on the TV? Which one is the most formal? Which one is the least formal? How could you make all of these more polite? How should you respond to these requests? Affirmative: Sure Certainly Of course No problem Negative: (apology + explanation) I’m sorry, I can’t because… Practice

What is the difference? : 

What is the difference? Would you mind answering the phone? Would you mind if I answered the phone? Form: would you mind + gerund (v-ing) Polite request. The other person will do the action. Form: would you mind + if + subject + simple past Asking permission. You will do the action.

1: Discover the Grammar (p. 148) : 

1: Discover the Grammar (p. 148) Marcia has a new co-worker. Read their conversations with your partner. As you read, underline all the requests.

Let’s Check… : 

Let’s Check… Could you show would you help Can you get / Will you answer would you mind making Could you tell Could you take / would you mind offering could you give

Put your pencils down. : 

Put your pencils down. Just listen and speak. Page 149 Exercise 2 Let’s practice together first.

2: Asking for Favors (p. 149) : 

2: Asking for Favors (p. 149) Mike’s roommate, Jeff is having problems today. Read Jeff’s requests. Then, circle the letter of the appropriate response to each request. I’d be glad to. Not at all. Sorry, I’m late for class too. Sure. Certainly. I’m sorry, I can’t. I’ll be at work until 8:00.

3: Would you mind? (p. 149-150) : 

3: Would you mind? (p. 149-150) Match the request to the picture. d e g f h i b c a

Would you mind – part 2 (p. 150) : 

Would you mind – part 2 (p. 150) Use a request word + information from part 1 to complete each sentence. Add please (middle or end). Could you file these reports, please? Would you please shut the door? Will you please buy some cereal? Can you close the window, please? Would you mind waiting for a few minutes? Would you mind washing your cups and dishes? Could you please call back later? Can you get that book, please? Could you please repair the photocopier?

5: Listening (p. 152) : 

5: Listening (p. 152) Marcia Jones has planned a busy weekend. Listen to the conversations. Check the things that belong on her schedule. take Ethan to the dentist take kids to the library babysit for Kelly’s daughter go to Kelly’s party go to the movies walk Mom’s dog pick up the car at the garage go to the gym with Jade     

4: Editing (page 151) : 

4: Editing (page 151) Read Marcia Jones’s response to an e-mail message from her boss. Her answers are in red. There are six more mistakes in making and responding to requests. Please do this for HW. We will check tomorrow.

Let’s Check… : 

Let’s Check… Not at all.  Sure/Certainly/Of course Yes I would.  Sure/Certainly/Of course to call  calling to work  working couldn’t  can’t Yes I would.  Not at all.

Review with Situation Role-Plays : 

Review with Situation Role-Plays Read each situation. Role-play it with your partner. Use modals of request: Could you, Can you, Would you, Will you, Would you mind

Would you mind______________? : 

Would you mind______________? The phone is ringing, but you’re busy cooking. answering the telephone

Could you_________________? : 

Could you_________________? You’re trying to study, but the radio is too loud. turn down the radio

Will you ___________________? : 

Will you ___________________? You’re trying to listen to the news on television, but you can’t hear it. turn up the television

Can you ____________________? : 

Can you ____________________? You’re out of milk. Your roommate calls you from the grocery store to ask if you need anything. get some milk at the store

Would you___________________? : 

Would you___________________? You are talking to a taxi drive, but you don’t understand what he is saying. repeat that, please

Can you ____________________? : 

Can you ____________________? You are looking for the post office. tell me where the post office is

A, B, C : 

A, B, C Step 1 Read the entire paper Figure out: What would I like to have? What do I have that other people could use or borrow? What are some negative things (that I don’t have)?

A, B, C : 

A, B, C Step 2  Get into a group (A, B, C) Make your 3 requests using: Would you mind Can you Could you Will you Would you The student (A, B, or C) that has the object should offer the object or favor. Please watch the example first – before you start!!

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