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ESOL Writing Intermediate Spring 2010 Caren Shoup welcome

Student Information Sheet : 

Student Information Sheet Please fill out the information sheet about yourself. Let me know if you have any questions. This information is for me to get to know you better. I will not share this information with anyone.

Let’s meet someone new! : 

Let’s meet someone new! Stand up. Stand next to someone you don’t know and have never met.

Meet your partner : 

Meet your partner A: What’s your name? B: My name is… A: Where are you from? B: I’m from … A: How long have you lived in the U.S.? B: I have lived in the U.S. for _____ years.

Introduce your partner : 

Introduce your partner Her/His name is __________. He/She is from ___________. He/She has lived in the U.S. for____________years. You can now go back to your seat.

Syllabus Quiz : 

Syllabus Quiz Get into groups of 2. Find the answers in your syllabus packet The first group that has all of the correct answers wins! (Yes, there are prizes!) No dictionaries. Just use your syllabus.

Let’s Check… : 

Let’s Check… 3pm – 4pm http://www.lonestar.edu/blogs/cshoup MOD 2, 106 B Focus on Grammar 3 and Effective Academic Writing English-English Dictionary for ESL Students Call or email Ms. Shoup that day to ask to make up a quiz or assignment The day I come back to class

Let’s Check (cont.) : 

Let’s Check (cont.) 5 points off for absences, 2 points off for tardies 30% off In my bag or pocket – not on the desk 11, 1/25 May 14th – not before that! Reflexive and Reciprocal Pronouns / Sentence and Paragraph 2nd floor of the Learning Commons building

Plan for this week: : 

Plan for this week: Tue: Syllabus Explanation & Grammar Diagnostic Wed: Parts of Speech Review & Writing Process Review Thur: Departmental Orientation in CC 151-152 (We’ll meet here and go together.)

Think about your writing skills : 

Think about your writing skills Take a few minutes to think about these questions: Do you have good writing skills in your native language? What are your strengths and weaknesses in writing in English?

Your Ideas: What do you think will improve your writing? : 

Your Ideas: What do you think will improve your writing? My ideas: practice, practice, practice read improve your grammar knowledge concentrate during class practice online To improve your writing you must…

Let’s read the syllabus together : 

Let’s read the syllabus together Please read along with the teacher. Look for page numbers on each slide. Be sure to ask questions if you don’t understand something. You can email questions tonight if you feel more comfortable doing that.

How to contact me… : 

How to contact me… Instructor: Caren Shoup (call me Ms. Shoup) Office: MOD2 106B Office Phone: 832-482-1018 E-mail: Caren.L.Shoup@lonestar.edu Website: http://www.lonestar.edu/blogs/cshoup page 1

Please, please, please… : 

Please, please, please… Use the class website as a resource There is a lot of information there Let’s look… page 1

My office hours… : 

My office hours… Monday: 7am – 8am & 3 – 3:30 pm Tuesday: 7am – 8am & 3 – 3:30 pm Wednesday:3pm – 4pm Thursday: 7am – 8am page 1

Anticipated Instructor Response Time: : 

Anticipated Instructor Response Time: M-F: 24 hours Sat-Sun: 48 hours page 1

Do YOU know why you’re taking this class? : 

Do YOU know why you’re taking this class? What do you want to learn? What do you want to write about? What kinds of activities do you think we will do?

What are we going to learn? : 

What are we going to learn? How to write good paragraphs in English How to write with correctEnglish grammar

Course Description(Summary) : 

Course Description(Summary) Social, academic, and professional writing Use the writing process Grammar: Adjectives (participial) and Adverbs Comparative Adjectives Superlative Adjectives Conditional clauses (future time and if) Modals (ability, permission, request, advice, suggestions) Infinitives Gerunds Present Perfect with since, for, already, and yet Present Perfect as indefinite past Coordinated clauses using conjunctions (and, or, but, so) Other tenses: simple present, simple past, present progressive Phrasal Verbs Pronouns: Reciprocal and Reflexive page 2

What tasks are we going to do? : 

What tasks are we going to do? Write something every day! Write 4 longer essays Practice grammar many differentways Correct grammar mistakesin writing

Getting Ready : 

Getting Ready Prerequisite: ESOL Writing High Beginning or placement by exam. If you failed High Beginning – please see me after class!! page 3

Getting Ready : 

Getting Ready Required Materials: Effective Academic Writing 1, by Alice Savage & Masoud Shafiei, Oxford University Press, 2007. Focus on Grammar 3, (3rd edition), by Fuchs, Bonner, and Westheimer, Pearson Longman Publishing, 2006. Binder for class work, homework, worksheets, etc… You need all of these by Monday! page 3

Getting Ready : 

Getting Ready Optional Materials or Reference Texts: English-EnglishDictionary (recommended) page 3

Instructor Guidelines and Policies : 

Instructor Guidelines and Policies page 4

Attendance : 

Attendance Please come to class. You need a very good reason to miss class. You can only miss 7 days of class. 3 tardies = 1 absence page 4

If you miss something because you are absent… : 

If you miss something because you are absent… Contact me! Make up your test/quiz in the Assessment Center the NEXT DAY! page 4

Example… : 

Example… page 4

Attendance Grade : 

Attendance Grade Start with 100 -5 for each absence -3 for each tardy page 8

Late work/Makeup Policies : 

Late work/Makeup Policies Assignments are due at the beginning of class. You will only get full credit if you turn them in when the teacher collects them. Any time after the beginning of class on Day 1  -15% of grade Day 2  -30% of grade Day 3  -50% of grade After Day 3, no late assignments will be accepted. No exceptions. page 5

Cell Phones and Beepers : 

Cell Phones and Beepers Turn them off or on silent EVERY DAY BEFORE CLASS. No text messaging during class. If you HAVE to take a call, leave the classroom. page 5

Tutors : 

Tutors You can receive one-on-one language help. There are trained tutors on the second floor of the LRNC (Library) whenever you need additional help. You are strongly encouraged to visit tutors regularly. See the tutoring schedule on the class website. (http://www.lonestar.edu/blogs/cshoup ) page 5

Student Visa Holders : 

Student Visa Holders If you are on a student visa (F-1), you are required to attend every class. If you miss classes without an excuse, you will be reported to the International Student Advisors, which may jeopardize your visa status. page 5

Emergency Contact Information : 

Emergency Contact Information Fawnette.L.Kleff@lonestar.edu 832-482-1068

Last Day to Withdraw without getting an “F” : 

Last Day to Withdraw without getting an “F” For credit students, the last day to withdraw from class is April 13, 2010. page 5

What you must do to pass this course: : 

What you must do to pass this course: Speak only English in the classroom. Speaking your native language will decrease your ability to learn English. Come to class every day and on time. Bring your books and supplies to class every day. Complete your assignments every week. Complete your homework every week. Make a passing grade (70 or above) on tests, assignments, the midterm, and the final. page 6

Some tips for your success… : 

Some tips for your success… Read your class calendars everyday. Be organized – keep an organized folder. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Take responsibility for your own learning (use the resources provided to you). Don’t give up. If you get a low grade, see it as an opportunity to learn something new. Some of you will not pass this class the first time. Adjust your goals to learn as much as possible, then you will pass next time.

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page 6

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page 7

Specific Assignment Instructions : 

Specific Assignment Instructions page 7

Quizzes : 

Quizzes 15% From FOG Book Check your Calendar often!!! page 7

Essays : 

Essays 35%. 4 different essays: 2 multi-draft (outside of class) 2 timed (in class) p. 7 page 7

Writing Portfolio : 

Writing Portfolio 2 departmental timed writings in class 2 essays you already did in class grammar final exam final reflection essay page 7

Midterm Exam : 

Midterm Exam 10% Cumulative Just grammar page 7

Final Exam : 

Final Exam 10% Just grammar Departmental Cumulative page 7

Extra Credit : 

Extra Credit Pop quiz Extra practice Campus event

Theme Days : 

Theme Days Feb 3rd  Scarf Mar 3rd  Hat Apr 7th  Blue

Fieldtrip : 

Fieldtrip NASA April 9th

Instructional Calendar : 

Instructional Calendar page 9

Let’s take a look… : 

Let’s take a look… Weekly p. 12

LSCS Student Services and LSCS Policies : 

LSCS Student Services and LSCS Policies please read pages 11-14 at home You are responsible for knowing this information.

What if… : 

What if… a student has a problem with the class, the teacher, a classmate, an assignment, another teacher, or someone else on campus? Options: talk to the teacher directly go to the tutoring center for assignment help talk to the department chair talk to the dean of the department

Homework : 

Homework Directions: Email Ms. Shoup a short introduction of yourself. Here is some information to include: your name what class you’re in what country you are from your native language what you studied in your country your job why you are taking ESL classes anything else you want me to know about you Due Date: Email me by January 24th Caren.L.Shoup@lonestar.edu

Diagnostic Exam : 

Diagnostic Exam We are going to take a short writing and grammar test. Why? to make sure you are in the correct level to see what your current level is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the class (What do we need to learn first?) Everyone gets a 100% for taking the test. So, don’t worry about your grade! 

Part 1: Timed Writing Sample : 

Part 1: Timed Writing Sample You will have 20 minutes to write a paragraph on a topic. You may not use your dictionary or any other aids. Topic: Living in Another Country First sentence: Living in another country is…

Part 2: Grammar Test : 

Part 2: Grammar Test You will take a short grammar test. Some of the topics on the test are covered in the High Beginning class (so, you should know these!) Some of the topics will be covered in Intermediate (so, you may not know all of these). Do your best!

Let’s Check… : 

Let’s Check… (walk/to/school/he) Simple present Simple past Present progressive

A Question : 

A Question ?/walk/to/school/he Simple present: Simple past: Present progressive:

Rewrite : 

Rewrite Take out a blank piece of paper. Rewrite your essay with the corrections. Let me know if you have any questions. When you finish, please hand in both the first draft and your new draft.

Let’s Correct Some Errors Together : 

Let’s Correct Some Errors Together

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