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From the survey (1) cancer cell cannot be formed in a weak alkaline body condition. (2) cancer cell can only form in an acidic body condition (3) if you have cancer means your body is acidic

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(4) cancer can only spread in the acidic body condition (5) If your body condition is weak alkaline , then cancer cell cannot spread

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(6) if you can balance your body PH value, and make your body changed to weak alkaline condition, doesn’t matter what kind of cancer you have there is a chance to turn around and recover

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(7) it doesn’t matter how bad is your body condition even if you only have six months to live, but if you can change your body PH value to slightly alkaline then cancer cell will not spread and it will be cured

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(8) Do not worry whether any of your family members have cancer, as long as your body is slightly alkaline, then you will not have cancer. But even if you have it, it will turn around because of the slight alkaline body condition

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(9) cancer only survive in acidic fluid medium, if your body is acidic you will get cancer; but if your body is slightly alkaline you will not get cancer. But if you already have cancer as long as you can adjust your body PH value to slightly alkaline, then cancer will go away from you.

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So, the secret of preventing cancer is very simple: that is always eat slightly alkaline food to prevent the accumulation of acidic wastes in your body, Because acidic fluid environment is a fertile ground for a normal cell to turn into cancer cell. By adjusting the balance of acidic fluid in your body is the most effective and fastest way to prevent cancer.

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6 key points to avoid cancer Develop a healthy lifestyle, no smoking , no drinking. WHO committee forecast that if in the next five years human being no more smoking, the world cancer rate will drop by 1/3. The reason of no drinking & no smoking is because cigarette & liquor are extremely acidic. Those who are long term smoker & drinker very easily can develop a highly acidic body condition.

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Do not over eat too salty and too spicy food, also not too hot, too cold , expired food & food that already turned bad. For those who are elderly, weak and has genetic sickness, try to eat more cancer prevention food and food that has high level of alkalinity and always maintain a strong mental condition.

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You must have good positive attitude to handle stress, don’t overwork; because overstress is one of main factor of cancer. Chinese practitioner doctor believes that stress will lead to body fatique physically,hence resulting in decrease in body immune system,endocrine disorder,metabolic disorder,this will lead to acidic body condition,it will also develop nervous breakdown & produce toxin in the body, Stress will make our body tense, and hence cause blockage in blood circulation and this will result in producing even more toxin.

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Do more workouts to strengthen body condition, more exercises under the sun to sweat it out. Sweat more helps to bring out more acidic fluid from your body.

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Must develop discipline lifestyle. For those who do not have good discipline, such as people who go karaoke all night long, mah-jong all night long, and those who stay late whole night; all these will result in body to become acidic condition and easily can develop cancer. As such, you must develop a good lifestyle so to maintain slightly alkaline body condition to get rid of the cancer and all sicknesses.

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Do not eat contaminated food; e.g. polluted water, crops,fish balls,poultry & mouldy food. Must eat more green and organic food in order to prevent sicknesses from the food you eat.

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