Dynamics of Group Discussions

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Dynamics of Group Discussions:

Dynamics of Group Discussions Prepared By: Kruti Goyal Anubhi Kulshrestha Shefali Bhatnagar Abhishek Bhattacharya

What is group discussion?:

What is group discussion? The term suggests a discussion among a group of persons . The group will have more than 2 members who will express their views freely , frankly in a friendly manner , on a topic of current issue.

Prerequisites of a Group Discussion:


Group Discussion:

Group Discussion It occurs to share observation and experience. To resolve a problem. To analyze something. T o judge your public speaking talent . Shed your shyness, nervousness & inhibition. Stimulation of thinking in anew way. Expansion of knowledge. Understanding of your strength and weakness.

Do’s in Group Discussion:

Do’s in Group Discussion Appropriate to the issue . Make original points & support them by substantial reasoning . Listen to the other participants actively & carefully . Whatever you say must be with a logical flow & validate it with an example as far as possible. Make only accurate statements .

Do’s in Group Discussion:

Do’s in Group Discussion Modulate the volume , pitch and tone. Be considerate to the feelings of the others. Try to get your turn. Be an active and dynamic participant by listening. Talk with confidence and self-assurance.

Don’ts during group discussion:

Don’ts during group discussion Being shy or nervous. Interrupting another participant before his arguments are over. Speak in favor example: Establish your position and stand by it. Changed opinions. Don’t make fun of any participant even if his arguments are funny .

Don’ts during group discussion:

Don’ts during group discussion Don’t engage yourself sub-group conversation. Don’t repeat and use irrelevant materials. Addressing yourself to the examiner. Worrying about making some grammatical mistakes , for your interest & the matter you put across are important.

Reasons for having a GD:

Reasons for having a GD It helps you to understand a subject more deeply. It improves your ability to think critically.  It helps in solving a particular problem.  It helps the group to make a particular decision.  It gives you the chance to hear other students' ideas.  It improves your listening skills. It increases your confidence in speaking.  It can change your attitudes.

Key Points:

Key Points Be assertive: An assertive person is direct & honest careful about not hurting others ‘self-respect ’. A patient listener: listening to another person is one way of showing appreciation . Right language : Words can make friends & right words at the right time make for the best results. Be analytical and fact-oriented : It is necessary to make relevant points which can be supported with facts & analyzed logically.


Group Discussion


LECTURE: The process in which someone is saying something and others are listening and they can interfere him/her in between. PRESENTATION: The process in which one is giving someone is giving a formal description about a project or plan and others are listening without any interference.


MEETING: The process in which one person is saying having an agenda. NEGOTIATION: The process in which to or more people talk to each other and convince each other by subjective and objective factors.



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