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Group presentation on The eyes have it (Ruskin Bond) -Submitted by- Sargam Tahiliani (A2305213026) Ekta Sharma (A2305213029) Shagun Paul (A2305213049) Saumya Agarwal (A2305213057)


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Professional Communication for Recruitment and Employability Presentation On: Story Analysis: The Eyes Have It By Ruskin Bond

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Presented By: Sargam Tahiliani (A2305213026) Ekta Sharma (A2305213029) Shagun Paul (A2305213049) Saumya Agarwal (A2305213057)


INDEX About the Author About the Story Summary of the Story Features of the Story Characters in the Story Similarities between the two passengers Contrast between the two passengers Bibliography

About the Author:

About the Author Ruskin Bond was born in 1934 in Kasauli , Himachal Pradesh. He is an Indian writer of British descent. He is an outstanding figure of International repute who did a lot to standardise our national English literature. He is a prolific and a powerful writer and his writings many include short stories for children, essays and novels. He has bagged many awards for his marvellous writings which include his first novel The Room on The Roof , a compilation of short stories, The Trees Still Grow in Dehra, etc.

About the Story:

About the Story The Story, The Eyes Have it is a very popular story that was published in the Contemporary Indian English Stories . Later on, this story was included in many collections but with different names as The Eyes Are Not Here, The Girl on the Train , etc.

Summary of the Story:

Summary of the Story The story begins with the narrator sitting all by himself in the train compartment. At the station Rohana , a girl enters the compartment. He realizes that she has been dropped off by her parents since the couple was very anxious about the safety of the girl. At this point he reveals that he is blind to the readers. He tries to strike up a conversation with the girl without trying to let her know that he is blind.

Summary of the Story:

Summary of the Story He begins with asking the girl if she was going to Dehradun and finds her startled as he realizes that she didn’t realize his presence in the compartment. She replies that she’ll get down at Saharanpur where her aunt would pick her up. She then inquires about his destination, to which he replies that he is going to Dehradun and then to Mussoorie . The girl expresses her love to go Mussoorie and the narrator goes down his memory lane. He vividly describes the beautiful sight of Mussoorie .

Summary of the Story:

Summary of the Story The narrator and the girl even talk about the happenings taking place outside the train window where he even feels that he was very close to revealing the truth about his eyesight. But he gets assured that she didn’t realize he was blind. The narrator daringly comments on her appearance. He tells her that she has an interesting face. To this she laughs and replies that she had been commented about having a pretty face but never an interesting one. Even she comments on the narrator about him being a young, gallant and a serious man.

Summary of the Story:

Summary of the Story Both of them realize that the train is about to reach her station. When they reach the station, the girl wishes him goodbye and leaves, leaving her perfume’s fragrance behind. The next person who enters the narrator’s compartment apologizes for not being as attractive as the girl who left. The narrator asks enquires him about the girl’s hairstyle, to which he replies he only noticed her eyes. But they were useless to her since she was blind.

Features of the story:

Features of the story “The Eyes Have It “ is a short and interesting story surrounded by few characters. The story took place in train compartment where the narrator and the girl are riding to their destination.

Features of the story:

Features of the story This story shows bond’s love for nature as he describes the beautiful sight of Mussoorie to the girl. In this story the narrator is blind who wants to initiate a conversation with the fellow compartment mate, as a normal man with perfect vision of outside beauty.

Features of the story:

Features of the story The narrator did an excellent job in keeping suspense of the story that both the man and the girl were blind but none of them realised that both of them are blind till the end.

Characters in the story:

Characters in the story The Narrator: A blind boy travelling on a train to D ehradun. The Girl: A blind girl who travels in the same coach as that of the narrator’s for a while. The Fellow Passenger: A man who enters the coach at Saharanpur station.

Similarities between the two passengers.:

Similarities between the two passengers. Both the boy and the girl were blind and they wanted to hide this fact from each other. Both of them were fond of talking . Both of them had honed in the skill of keeping their blindness from other people.

Contrast between the two passengers:

Contrast between the two passengers The narrator was a romantic at heart. He was delighted to learn that he would be sharing the coach with a beautiful girl The girl was a little more focussed .She didn’t read too much into a brief encounter with a boy in a train coach.


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