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NOTE TAKING & ITS METHODS By: Aakash Wadhwa Parinit Tyagi Avishrey Chauhan

Practice of Note Taking:

Practice of Note Taking Note- taking is the practice of recording information captured from another source. Notes are commonly drawn from a transient source, such as an oral discussion at a meeting, or a lecture in which case the notes may be the only record of the event. Note taking is a form of self-discipline.

The Four Phases of Note Taking:

The Four Phases of Note Taking Preparatory Phase : The ‘willingness to take notes’ is what we term as the First Phase of Note Taking. It is about inculcating the resolution of taking notes whenever you know that you owe it to the learning subject and the person . Before the Class: Ringing the First Bell of Note Taking: it serves to initiate the first stirs of learning. The Three Rules for this stage are :

PowerPoint Presentation:

Review, Revise notes from the previous session. Prior Read the Assigned Subject Material and prepare questions to be asked or observed. Take a comfortable place to sit; preferably near the front so that speaker is audible and writings on the board/slides are clear. Stationery resources should be ready. Identify the Chapter and make a note on the dedicated pages with mentioning the date and the speaker’s name.

PowerPoint Presentation:

During the Class/Session/Lecture: The Activity Part : The first and the foremost guideline here is to ‘Stay Focused’. Use symbols, abbreviations, short forms, mapping techniques etc. where ever possible and necessary. Highlight the point/information that has been stated as important by the speaker . The Final Phase- After the Class: Review, Revise or Edit’ the collected information. Do it as soon as possible after the class by filling the gaps, clarifying ideas, adding more details and asking the speaker, if needed.




ADVANTAGES OF NOTE TAKING Withput Notes, We tend to forget 50% of the content within the first 24 hours. Without Notes, we don’t remember the Speaker we had acknowledged as impressive and knowledgeable. We cannot share our understanding with others without proper documentation

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