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Are you looking for a fast cutting and long life diamond cutting disc? ChinShine provides high quality diamond cutting disc with affordable price. You can use our discs for your handheld saw, road saw, stone bridge cutting machine, or any other stone cutting saw. For more details email us at sales@csdiamondtools.com, we will answer you within 24 hours.


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Diamond Disc With Excellent Cutting Facilities Diamond Discs In general, diamond cutting discs are used to offer a clear cutting facility for an extended time period. The top three factors will decide the cutting capacity of a diamond disc, i.e. the quality of the diamonds, the bond strength of the diamond segments and select a right diamond disc for cutting different materials.

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Variety Of Diamond Discs Diamond discs may come in wide varieties, bond types and are manufactured by different processes. However, the high precision, ultra-thin diamond discs are commonly used in rough cutting, slicing, dicing, sectioning, slotting, cross-sectioning and many more purposes in stone and construction industry. Therefore, it’s very important for you to understand the different diamond blade types, intended applications and their effects on the performance. Each diamond cutting disc is manufactured for a specific application and it may offer different outcomes under different conditions. It means, what worked for one application may not work well for other purposes.

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ChinShine Diamond Tools offers finest quality 350 Diamond Discs for Granite and 400 Diamond Discs at competitive prices to meet the huge demands for cutting granite no matter what it’s hard and soft. You can use our 350 granite diamond disc to cut hard bricks, pavers, clay pavers and concrete without steel bar. For any technical consultation and quick quotation, drop us an email today or you can visit our facebook page and we will sort out your issue right away.

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Haiyin Building, Haicang Area City/Town- Xiamen State- Fujian Country- China ZIP/Postal Code- 361026 Email-sales@csdiamondtools.com Website - http://www.csdiamondtools.com

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