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How JSS Tripler works?:

How JSS Tripler works? Fund your ALERTPAY ACCOUNT

Fund your Alertpay Account:

Fund your Alertpay Account For example with USD 40

Go to JBP’S Synergy Surf Matrix:

Go to JBP’S Synergy Surf Matrix Main Account

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Transfer USD 40 to JSS Tripler

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Buy JSS Tripler for USD 40

Earn 2% daily for 75 days:

Earn 2% daily for 75 days These will earn 0.8 USD per day for 75 days Total earned from 4 expired JSS Tripler position –USD 60

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After 75 days you are entitled for 1 JBB Synergy Surf position Level 1 JBB Membership upgrade to be done Upgrade by remitting USD 15 for 3 month

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1 JBB Synergy Surf Matrix position will earn you an income of USD 60

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Thus USD 120 is earned from 4 expired JSS Tripler positions and 1 expired JBB Synergy Surf position Thus your investment of USD 40 get tripled

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