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Writing Persuasive Paragraphs


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Writing persuasive paragraphs: 

Writing persuasive paragraphs Prof. c. sarmiento English class

What is a persuasive paragraph?: 

What is a persuasive paragraph? This type of paragraph is aimed at convincing the reader to adopt a particular point of view. This paragraph should focus on language which persuades the reader to adopt the idea being presented.

Example of a persuasive paragraph: 

Example of a persuasive paragraph There are many reasons why you should join the Army. Army recruits get the best health benefits and pension programs. Another perk is that the Army pays for past student loans as well as the cost for any future educations. The recruits who have family will also be given special bonuses to maintain and support their loved ones. What are you waiting for? Join the army now!

Persuasive video source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY4zr0JekWE: 

Persuasive video source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY4zr0JekWE

Persuasive paragraph: 

Persuasive paragraph A persuasive paragraph should have the following three things: A topic sentence No less than three (3) supporting sentences. A concluding sentence.

Topic sentence: 

Topic sentence The topic sentence of a paragraph states your opinion or feeling towards a topic. Examples: Joining the gym is a great way to change your life. Sony builds the best laptops on the market. Dogs are the best pets to have. Buying online can save time and money.

Supporting sentence(s): 

Supporting sentence(s) In a persuasive paragraph, the supporting sentences provide the readers different reasons why they should align with the writers point of view. As such, these sentence should support the topic sentence and sell the overall idea. Topic Sentence: Dogs are the best pets to have. Supporting Sentences: Dogs are loyal. They are intelligent. Dogs protect your house and family. They keep company.

Helpful language: 

Helpful language Providing Additional Arguments: Often when writing the supporting sentences the following transitional words will be used to add variety to the writing: Also For example For instance Additionally What is more, In addition Moreover along with Furthermore Not only will ..., but ... will also ... another next besides Again In addition to ...,

Concluding sentence: 

Concluding sentence Concluding sentences end your paragraph by usually repeating your main idea while utilizing the data presented to the reader. The following words and phrases can be used to begin a concluding sentence: in summary in conclusion in short after all to summarize Overall In essence In brief Usually In either case In any event To sum up Taking everything into consideration Altogether On the whole In conclusion In summary All things considered

Prewriting techniques: 

Prewriting techniques Brainstorming – think of different topics you are interested in writing about. Come up with at least 5 topics from which you can write your topic sentence (such as hobbies, sports, political affiliations, best songs/movie/actor/singer, etc.). Remember that you must make either a positive or negative judgment towards the topic as you will argue for or against it: Example: Reading comics. Going to college. Playing basketball. Buying things online. Using powerpoint presentations.

Prewriting techniques: 

Prewriting techniques Create an outline of your paragraph in order to write your first draft: Topic Sentence: Buying online can be a very enjoyable experience . Supporting Sentences : Saves the buyer time. Find unique objects and things. Compare prices from different places and sellers. Purchases are often insured. Usually there is a huge variety of things. Concluding Sentence: More users should buy online.

Writing A draft for the persuasive paragraph: 

Writing A draft for the persuasive paragraph Write the first draft of the paragraph. Remember to use the outline to first organize your ideas. Example: Buying online can be a very enjoyable experience. It saves the buyer time. T he buyer can find unique objects and things. Prices be compared from different sellers. The purchases are often insured. Usually there is a whole variety of things accessible for purchase . More users should buy things online.

Writing final draft of persuasive paragraph: 

Writing final draft of persuasive paragraph Remember to use the transitional words and use the spellchecker to fix any grammar errors. Also, feel free allow other readers to read and give you their opinion on your work. In the end, the main goal is to persuade the reader to your point of view: Buying online can be a very enjoyable experience. First of all, it saves the buyer time. In addition, the buyer can find unique objects and things. Not only can prices be compared from different sellers, but also the purchases are often insured. What is more, usually there is a whole variety of things accessible for purchase. Taking all of this into consideration, more users should buy things online .