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DEFINITION OF HOSPITAL According to WHO- Hospital is an integral part of a social and medical organization, the function of which is to provide for the population complete health care, both curative and preventive, and whose out-patient services reach out to the family and its home environment, the hospital is also a center for the training of health worker and for biosocial research. According to Steadman’s Medical Dictionary - Hospital is an institution for the care, cure and treatment of the sick and wounded, for the study of diseases and for the training of doctors and nurses.


SCOPE OF HOSPITAL Team approach Contents of service Coordination Continuity of care Integration Evaluation and research


FUNCTIONS OF HOSPITAL Patient care Diagnosis and treatment of disease Out-patient services Medical education and training Medical and nursing research Prevention of disease and promotion of health


CONSIDERATION IN PLANNING AND DESIGNING OF HOSPITAL: Health care considerations Ownership Physical considerations consumer considerations Cost considerations


PLANNING IN VARIOUS DEPARTMENT: General standards Main corridor 8ft in width & ceiling ht. of a minimum of 8ft Bed or stretcher should be in width to 5ft (1.524 mts ) Minimum width of doors to patient rooms should be 1.12-1.16mts. Out patient department standard space requirement is 0.74-0.92ft . Emergency department/casualty Trauma area should be there. Examining and treatment rooms should be there for medical emergencies. Splint and casting area for orthopedic cases There are Observation beds for patient in the emergency department .

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Intensive care unit ICU are designed equipped and staffed with specially trained and skilled personnel for treating critical patients or those requiring specialized care and equipments. The current trend is to designate 10% of the total beds of the hospital for ICU. The Location is important the unit should be convenient for access from emergency, respiratory therapy, radiology, surgery and other essential services. SURGICAL FACILITIES/OT Operation room should have a minimum clear area of 33.44sq. mts exclusive of fixed cabinets and built in shelves. Attention should be given to the planning of three basic zones-1.outer zones 2.the intermediate zone and 3.the inner zone .

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PATIENT ROOM The minimum size of one bed-room should be 11.61 sq. mts In multiple bedrooms, there should be a minimum of 1.21mts(4ft) of space between beds and a clearance of 1.12 mts at the foot end of each bed to permit the presage of equipment under beds. Each room should have a window for ventilation and light as well as for psychological wellbeing. There should be adequate toilet facilities for patients in the multi bedrooms and the general wards. Each patient should have a separate looker and wardrobe for storing personal belongings in multi bed rooms. Privacy should be provided for each patient e.g. screens or curtains. Patient beds should be placed parallel to the exterior wall in order that patients can have not only visual conduct with the outside world. The two bed rooms may be designed with booth the beds paralleling next to the wall to make semi private room as nearly as possible like private.

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SERVICE AREA: The ideal place for the nurse’s stations in the centre of the unit with a good view of patients rooms, work area, the entrance to the unit in two more direction. Patients need to feel secure and reassured particularly in the night duty. The maximum distance between nurses station and any patient room should be 120 ft. NEW BORN NURSERY It should be located in a place that is convenient to post partum nursing unit and labour delivery. Glazed observation windows that will permit viewing of infants by visitors from the public areas. Minimum floor area should be 2.78sq mts (30sq) for each infant. Minimum of 0.91 meter between bassinets on all sides. One nursery for 8 full term infants.

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PREMATURE NURSERY- Minimum of 12.19sq mts (40sq ft) space/incubator ISOLATION NURSERY- Minimum of 4.64-5.57sq mts (50-60sq ft) space/bassinets PEADIATRIC UNIT OPD should provide without any delay any condition. Recreational facilities should be provided Facility should be provided for mothers e.g . Waiting room, feeding room All equipment should be available in the ward e.g . Oxygen supply, suction machine etc.

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Labour and delivery suite Preparation room Labour room Recovery room Support service area POST PARTUM SUITS(LRDP) Labour , delivery , recovery and post partum care in one place is a perfect family setting. Each LRDP suits is cheerfully decorated with comfortable furniture , bed, drapes and spread and as cradle, telephone , music and TV to provide warmth and convenience at home .

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DENTAL DEPARTMENT/ UNIT The dental departments in a general hospital should be largely a referral centre for cases of diagnosis of operative difficulty send to the hospital by dental surgeons either in private practice or working in clinics. DEPARTMENTS OF RADIOLOGY AND X- RAY DEPT There are a number of diagnostic procedure performed in the X-ray Dept. Such as barium meal, intravenous pylography etc.

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LAUNDARY DEPT. All hospital are concern with the dangers of cross infection and the need for usin only sanitary germ free linen. So there is a need of an efficient mechanical laundary to ensure the availability of germ free washed linen. Laundary is closely associated with nursing service. DIETARY DEPT. The purpose of the dietary services department in every hospital is the preparation of nutritionally adequate, attractive meals. The goal of dietary service on hospital will include : Optimum nutrition of the patient The maintenance of moral The dietic education of parents The achievement of these goals with maximum effectiveness and resulting economy .

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OTHER DEPARTMENTS IN THE HOSPITAL Administrative Department Medical record Department Material management Department Admission and Discharge Department Personnel Management Department Transport Department Biomedical Department Electrical Department Maintenance Department

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DEPARTMENT FOR PUBLIC USE Canteen Gift Shop Book Shop Flower Shop Stationary Shop ACCOMODATION FACILITIES Doctors Quarters Nurses Quarters Staff Quarters Hostel Guest Rooms




INTRODUCTION: Physical Facilities in the College of Nursing as provided by INC Physical facilities such as classroom, laboratories, library and offices are a fundamental requirements of any educational institution and without them it is difficult to carry out a programme on a sound educational basis. The amount of accommodation necessary depends on the number of staff and students, but the minimum desirable for a college of nursing with 50 students or less is listed below;

Teaching Block :

Teaching Block The college should be housed preferably in a unitary building and it should be located near the teaching hospitals. The college ground should have room for future expansion. There should be four lecture theatres in the college. One auditorium with seating capacity of 500 and an assembly or examination hall having capacity of 400 seats. There should be a Council/Seminar room and a student’s common room. Academic number of store rooms and toilets should be provided. Each college should have a community oriented centre in a rural setting with residential accommodation for 50 students.

Laboratories: :

Laboratories: - Nursing Laboratories for Nursing - Fundamentals 1 - M.C.H. 1 - Nutrition 1 - Community Health Nursing 1 - Microbiology 1 - Physiology and Bio-chemistry - Anatomy Lab-/Museum, At-least 1

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S.No Teaching block Area( figures in square feet) 1. Lecture hall 4×1080 = 4320 2. i ) Nursing foundation lab ii) CHN iii) Nutrition iv) OBG & Paediatric lab 1500 900 900 900 3. Pre- clinical science lab 900 4. Computer lab 1500 5. Multipurpose hall 3000 6. Common room(male & female) 2000 7. Staff room 1000 8. Principal room 300 9. Vice principal room 200 10. Library 2400 11. A.V. Aids room 600 12. One room for each Head of departments 800 13. Faculty room 2400 14. Provision for toilets. 1000 15. Total 23720 Sqr . Ft

Library :

Library It should be easily accessible to staff and students. A reading room with sufficient space and seating arrangement for 100 students with good lighting and ventilation should be available. Upto -date reference books, text books, journals and daily newspapers should be available and should also have at least a thousand professional books printed within the last five years. There should be provision for:- Reference room Room for librarian and other staff Room for attendants and book binders. Microfilm reading room. Journal room. Audio-visual room. Besides these, there should be issue counter and catalogue space.

Offices :

Offices Administrative: 1. Principal/Dean’s Office 2. Room for P.A., Cash Counter, Accountant’s room. 3. Visitors/waiting room. 4. Rooms for administrative Officer, Office Superintendent and ministerial staff 5. Record rooms for students files and office records. 6. Stores 7. Room for maintenance staff 8. Duplicating/ Gestetner room.

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Teaching: Every teaching faculty from the rank of Lecturer and above should have a separate office Common office department for Demonstrators/ Instructors. Staff common room and a students Counselling room. Facilities for drinking water, proper storage and sanitation.

Residential Accommodation for Students :

Residential Accommodation for Students There should be single room and double rooms accommodation. However the number of double room accommodation should not exceed 20% of the total accommodation. The space should be 100sq. feet for single room and 150 sq. feet for double room. The furniture provided should include separate sleeping, seating and storage arrangements for each student. It is preferable to have built in wardrobe and dressing table to economize space. Sanitary and bathing facilities with a minimum of 1 latrine, 1 bathroom for 4 students. There should be sufficient hand washing basins at strategic places.

Other facilities should include: :

Other facilities should include: -Visitors room, common room, dinning hall attached with kitchen store and other facilities. - Recreation room to accommodate 50% of the total number of students with facilities for indoor games. - Reading room to accommodate ¼ of the students be provided adequately. - Washing, drying and ironing facilities should be provided adequately. - Kitchenette and pantry should be provided in each floor. - Provision for outdoor games should be available. - There should be at least 4 guest rooms. - Warden’s office should have provision for reception and enquiry. - Cafetaria , enquiry and infirmary with 4 bed unit are desirable.


Staff Residential accommodation for teaching and ancillary staff should be adequately located, preferably in the campus. Either the Principal or Vice-Principal should live in the campus.

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Teaching Staff: Independent family accommodation should be available for all teaching staff according to rules. - Family accommodation for all wardens should be provided in the residential quarters. - There should provision for family quarters for essential ancilliary staff. Transport: There should be facilities for transport for staff and students to clinical areas including community field. At least a 25 seater mini bus should be available. Parking places and Garages should be provided in the campus. There should be two field cars/ jeep/ station wagon for rural field work.


CLINICAL FACILITIES Hospital The quality and variety of clinical material in the hospital/ field should be that approved for a Medical College. It is essential that the treatment of the patients be of high scientific quality based on careful clinical and laboratory findings, hospital records and charts including doctor’s and nurses, findings progress notes diagnosis and plants for treatment must be at all times upto -date and available for study by the student nurse. It is possible to learn good nursing only in the field where good nursing is practiced.

Staff for the Hospital: :

Staff for the Hospital: The Nursing Superintendent. Joint/Deputy Nursing Superintendent. Assistant Nursing Superintendent/ Departmental Supervisor Assistant Nursing Superintendent/ Departmental Sister Head Nurse/Ward Sister Staff Nurses

Community :

Community The activities of urban and rural health centres selected for Community Nursing experience should be consistent with the learning experience desired for the students. These centres should be well-established with legal responsibilities for service independent of resources form the teaching institutions. It is desirable that the College adopts a sub-centre. Community health material such as guide- lines, manuals and worksheets should be made available at the selected centres. Transport facilities should be available for both students and the staff. Equipment and supplies for Quality Nursing Care It is essential that the necessary facilities for practice quality nursing are supplied


COLLEGE ADMINISTRATION Organization and Administration of the College: The organization should be such as to give freedom in carrying out the educational programme and facilitate the achievement of the purposes and aims of the college. The college of nursing should receive the same status and privileges of the University as are accorded to other constituted. There should be a Governing Body and other college committees as required by the University for other constituent or affiliated colleges within its jurisdiction. There should be college representation on the various hospital committees including selection committee of nursing personnel.

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