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Coffee Shop Business Plan Grand Brew Coffee Shop:

Coffee Shop Business Plan Grand Brew Coffee Shop

Start-up Cost:

Start-up Cost First Month Rent : Rs 10000/- month modernize Fee: Rs 1,00,000/- (Impression: ·calm ·comfortable ·soft mood ·light music, painting make guests feel at home) Furniture Fee: About Rs 60,000/- ·Sofa ·Bar counter ·Tables ·Chairs Equipment Fee : About Rs 1,80,000/- ·Coffee machine ·Coffee-mill ·Air conditioning ·Stereo ·Cash registers ·Water treatment …… Supplies Fee: Coffee Snack Coffee cups Napkin Forks and Knives etc Rs 20000/- First Month Utensils Fee: Water and Electricity Fee Rs 8000/- Advertising Fee for first month: Rs 5000/-



Operating Costs :

Operating Costs Rs 8000/- for utilities per month included fuel, water and electricity charges Rent of Rs 1,20,000/- each year Salary for Rs 37,700/- per month A supply cost of Rs 20000/- each month included coffee, snacks, cups, napkins.

Operating Costs:

Operating Costs Advertising costs of Rs 60,000/- per year Insurance of Rs 10,000/- per year An estimate of Rs 81,543/- per month for total operating costs

Physical” Training:

Physical” Training Smile Manners Good posture for long time Balance Talking Skill Operation of the coffee machine

Skill Training:

Skill Training Familiar with our product Coffee culture Proper reaction Inner decoration Never judge a person by his appearance Cooperation & Leadership.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Waiter X 4 Cashier X 1 Coffee Maker X 2 In One Hour!

Employee Pay:

Employee Pay Waiter & Waitress & Casher & Coffee maker Rs 15/- per hour Manager Rs 7,500/- per month Accountant Rs 5,000/- per month Total monthly Pay : Rs 37,700/-

Price & Revenue:

Price & Revenue Coffee: Rs 50/- to 150/- (Depends on the flavor) Cake: Rs 60/- to 300/- ( Depends on the flavor ) Cookie: Rs 45/- to 250/- ( Depend on the flavor) Estimated Sell 125 cups coffee, 30 pieces of cakes and 30 pieces of cookies. Day Revenue = 75*125 + 150*30 + 125*30 = Rs 17,750/- Monthly Revenue = Rs 17,750 * 30 = Rs 5,32,500/-

Government Taxes:

Government Taxes Sales tax 5% * Revenue = Rs 26,625/- City planning tax 1.5% * Revenue = Rs 7,988/- Total Monthly Tax Expense Rs 34613/-

Monthly Profit:

Monthly Profit Monthly Cost : total operating cost Rs 81,543/- Monthly Profit: TR – TC – Taxes = Rs 5,32,500 – Rs 81,543 - Rs 34,613 = Rs 4,16,344/-

Funds borrowed:

Funds borrowed Rs 4,00,000/- from State Bank of India 1 years Interest rate is Rs 12.50% Monthly payment Rs 37500/-

Pay for the loan:

Pay for the loan Monthly Payment Rs 37,500/- Monthly Profit Rs 4,16,344/- Monthly Remain Rs 4,16,344 - Rs37,500 = Rs 378844/-



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