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Osmosis is the movement of water molecules from a region where the water potential is high to the region where the water potential is low through a semi-permeable membrane.

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A low concentrated or a diluted solution is known as hypotonic solution. . A high concentrated solution is known as hypertonic solution.

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If the medium surrounding the cell has a higher water concentration than the cell (a very dilute solution) the cell will gain water by osmosis. Water molecules are free to pass across the cell membrane in both directions, but more water will come into the cell than will leave. The net (overall) result is that water enters the cell. The cell is likely to swell up.

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If the medium has a lower concentration of water than the cell (a very concentrated solution) the cell will lose water by osmosis. Again, water crosses the cell membrane in both directions, but this time more water leaves the cell than enters it. Therefore the cell will shrink.

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If the medium is exactly the same water concentration as the cell there will be no net movement of water across the cell membrane. Water crosses the cell membrane in both directions, but the amount going in is the same as the amount going out, so there is no overall movement of water. The cell will stay the same size.

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