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E-Sponsibility By: Christina Ruvalcaba EDST 220

Student Netiquette :

Student Netiquette Definition: “Network” and “Etiquette” Acceptable guidelines for interacting with others while online.


Cyber-Bullying Definition Tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed Targeted by another person using the Internet, cell phone, any form of technology

Student Netiquette:

Student Netiquette Guidelines E-mail is never really private Respect the Privacy of others Be careful when typing words in capital letters Common Courtesy

Cyber- Bullying:

Difference between cyber-harassment and cyber-stalking ? Adult vs. child, preteen or teen Cyber- Bullying

Student Netiquette:

Student Netiquette When people cannot see you-feelings can get hurt if you are not careful in how you express yourself Think before you write! Do not respond when you are angry Edit before you post Come back to it

Cyber-Bullying & Depression:

Cyber-Bullying & Depression Heavy impact on society ……………leads to depression ……………leads to suicide ............leads to death

Student Netiquette & Classrooms:

Student Netiquette & Classrooms Because technology is so common and frequent students forget where it is okay to use instant message abbreviations and slang. Spelling and Speaking skills have declined, and due to distractions children are becoming more and more outcast


Cases After receiving an Internet message Chanelle Rae wanted to “die” “I laid in bed with her… and we discussed it for about an hour and she left me fairly happy,” She committed suicide

One time Communication? :

One time Communication? Methods are usually limited to imagination Unless it involves a death threat or a credible threat, cyber-bullying is usually not a one time communication.




Summary Children and teens know when they see cyber-bullying occur and can lead to a level of a misdemeanor cyber harassment charge. Due to unprofessional etiquette students grades can be affected and miscommunications can arise


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