3 Amazing Tips to Wash Your Car by Hand


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3 Amazing Tips to Wash Your Car by Hand Nothing can improve the appearance of your car the way a good car wash does Keeping your car clean and well maintained is the key to make it look new forever. Though every one wishes their car to look just out of the showroom not many owners make the right efforts for achieving the same. Also if your car is not in a good condition it can become difficult for you to fetch a good value while selling it. For a perfect car wash you need to invest in the right tools and products such as the pressure washer foam cannon car cleaner buckets wash mitt and a deionized water filter system. If you are looking for professional car cleaning results at home investing in a deionized water system is a must. Also known as spotless car wash system it helps in getting a spot free car rinse at home. Here’s a look at some tips for cleaning your car at home: 1. Begin with wheel When cleaning your car you must begin with the wheels. Use a hose with a nozzle for a good pressure wash so that you can get rid of the dirt and debris stuck on the wheels. The aim is to get rid of the brake dust dirt and clear out the road salt. You must invest in a special wheel cleaner made for tires as you should not use a wrong product because of the risk of damage. 2. Preparing the car Spray the vehicle with spotless deionized water first to get rid of the dirt and grime. Then spray the cleaning solution from foam cannon. Avoid using a sponge for scrubbing as it can cause scratches and swirls. Instead make use of a wash mitt which is gentle on the surface of the car. Begin cleaning from roof and work your way down. If your wash mitt becomes dirty or falls on the ground rinse it thoroughly before using it again. Make sure you use two separate buckets one with the soapy water and another one with clean water. 3. Rinsing and drying Once you are done washing each section of the car you need to give it a spot free car rinse from the deionized water from top to bottom. While many people consider using a microfiber towel for drying as the last step we would advise you to let the car air dry. The deionized water will leave no spots on the surface and you will receive a sparkling shine. Explore the web for more information and suggestions on choosing the right pressure washer foam cannon for giving your car a squeaky clean look.

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