5 Common Issues Landlords Face

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5 Common Issues Landlords Face Welcome to CrownHousing 06-Sep-17 CrownHousing.co.uk Goldie

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2 | P a g e Being a landlord or a property owner can be very pleasing in terms of income but there are several problems that you will encounter. The most common issues you will face are mentioned below. A property agent can provide a Guaranteed Rent service to make your life stress free: 1. Vacant Properties The biggest challenge faced by landlords is a loss of income. In some circumstances having an empty property can lose you some money or even whole. 2. High Turnover Rate It can be time-consuming and lose you cash because you may have huge gaps between renters. Keep in mind that different tenants can bring different setup fees with challenges.

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3 | P a g e 3. Late Payments Getting payment or rent late from tenants mean you have to pay your bills the mortgage etc from your own pocket. Apart from this it is time consuming chasing the payments up and ensuring they are on time for the rest of their contract. 4. Legal Issues One thing that can be both intimidating and time-consuming is staying on top of landlord legislations and regulations. Also they can get you into big trouble if not adhered knowing yours and your tenant’s rights on issues are very vital. It is also important to ensure you have the most suitable renter occupying your property.

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4 | P a g e 5. Maintenance Remember maintaining properties can be very costly and time-consuming. If you have more than one property then it can not be an easy task keeping on top of paperwork and various tenants can be difficult and time-consuming to deal with particularly if being a landlord is not your full-time business. Property Agents effectively become your tenant then sub-let the property selecting the right renters for your property. If the tenant damage your property stops paying rent or leave suddenly then the agent takes the financial hit instead of you because of Guaranteed Rent South London scheme. Property agents can offer contract periods from a minimum of 12 months to 5 years and contracts can be renewed thereafter. Property Agents provide No void periods No rent arrears No commission No set-up fees No renewal fees or any other “hidden extras”. No need to deal with the tenants at all. They can be flexible with payment date and contract lengths. Finding the right letting agent or service company for you depends on the level of responsibility as well as the risk you are prepared to take. Property Agents Guaranteed Rent service is best suits those Landlords who want the financial stability of knowing what their rental income will be every month. Read the full Original article here: 5 Common Issues Landlords Face Contact us:- Telephone: 0203 489 4949 Email: infocrownhousing.co.uk Website: http://crownhousing.co.uk/

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