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Direct mail printing and mailing overview presented by Influence Direct.


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Influence Direct, LLC Helping you find your next new customer

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About Us Who We Are Influence Direct is the premier source for direct marketing tools and information that organizations use to acquire, develop, and retain profitable prospects and customers.  Our services help increase and maintain market share and market profitability. What We Do Whenever our clients need it, we deliver the freshest and most creative consumer and business marketing information possible.  Thousands of times each day, our clients increase their direct marketing ROI through our exclusive products and services.

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Direct Mail Direct Mail Pieces for Every Campaign Imaginable Influence Direct puts into action 15 years of direct mail experience to provide our clients with a remarkably strong return on investment.  Our direct mail background spans major industries such as mortgage, banking, insurance, investments, automotive, retail, and business to business just to name a few.  We have at our disposal every tool needed to create any type of direct mail program imaginable.

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Direct Mail Direct Mail Letters Influence Direct has years of experience printing and mailing letters that generate well over 1 % response rates.  Influence Direct can print and mail black and white, color, perforated, tabbed, and more.  We have printed and mailed direct mail letters across dozens of industries using dozens of different letter versions.

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Direct Mail Direct Mail Snap Packs Influence Direct can design and print custom snap packs. Our snap packs are perforated on 2 sides and glued on 3.

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Direct Mail Direct Mail Envelopes Influence Direct can customize any envelope that will increase your direct mail letter open rate.

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Mailing Lists Mail with Confidence Using the Most Accurate Lists Available Influence Direct knows which mailing lists perform best and why.  Our direct marketing agency background provided us access to analyze, score, and validate each individual mailing list select to verify which list performed highest on each list attribute.  We then took this mailing list knowledge and have applied it to our mailing list selection process on each individual direct mail campaign.  The end result is having the confidence you are using the best mailing list for your specific selection criteria each and every campaign.

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Our Promise The Influence Direct Promise Do you ever wonder if your entire direct mail campaign was mailed? Do you ever wonder if all your mail pieces have reached your prospects mail box? Influence Direct answers both questions for every client on every mail campaign by providing USPS Postage Receipts and daily delivery reports detailing the delivery status for each and every mail piece. Influence Direct provides our clients this valuable information for all of their mail campaigns. Why should you have to pay extra to show you that the mail you paid for actually went out? Does a restaurant charge you extra to tell you that your food is cooked completely? Of course they don’t! We feel that every one of our clients should know that they are getting exactly what they paid for.

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Our Promise What is a Postage Receipt? A Postage Receipt shows you how many total pieces we mailed, the postage class used, and the date we delivered your mail to the Post Office for delivery.

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Our Promise What is Direct Mail Tracking? For years, mail tracking has provided an important service to efficiency-minded mailers. Now barcode tracking is the door to even greater delivery-monitoring functionality.Our software collects step-by-step delivery information from First-Class™, Standard Mail® or Periodical mailings and maintains that data on a secure interface. Closely monitoring the progress of your mailings will help you gauge delivery effectiveness and predict future performance. You will receive daily reports updating you on the delivery status for each of your mail campaign pieces.

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Our Promise How Does Direct Mail Tracking Benefit You? Uses USPS Intelligent Mail barcode: end-to-end tracking of a job's path through the mail stream Allows unique identification of every piece in a mailing job, to provide delivery details with any desired level of specificity Compatible with First-Class, Standard Mail and Periodical mailings

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Contact Us If you are looking for a honest, dependable and hard working direct mail company to work for you, contact us for more information. Influence Direct425 N Thompson Ln, Ste 148Murfreesboro TN, 37129 Phone: 866-634-7771Email: info@influencedirect.comHours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Mon-Fri

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