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Mr. Crosby Class Expectations:

Mr. Crosby Class Expectations


Textbooks Textbooks cost a lot of money. Take them home, cover them, and bring them to class on Monday. After that, you should always have your textbook in school. However, you do not need to bring it to class unless told to do so.


Materials Paper Binder dividers Index card notebook Pens and pencils (one for every day) Writing notebook (1 subject)

Classroom Rules:

Classroom Rules Classroom Rules Respect Respect No talking during teaching time Raise your hand to share Do not disturb your neighbor One person may talk at a time Be quiet in the hall


Grading Quarter grades will be determined by averaging the following things Test grades (2 parts to tests) Quiz grades Homework grades2 Participation grades Projects

Consequences :

Consequences Failure to do homework- lunch or after school detention. Receive partial credit for completed assignment. Caught cheating on homework, test, or quiz, you get a ZERO Disrespect towards Mr. Crosby or a classmate 1 st time- detention with me 2 nd time- sent to office 3 rd time- sent to office, phone call home Of course, these punishments may change due to the severity of the offense.


Contract Student agreement I have read through Mr. Cognetti’s class expectations and agree to follow his guidelines. Name __________________ Date _____________ Parent agreement I have looked over the class expectations with my child. Name _________________ Date _________ Daytime phone number ______________

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