gerunds and infinitives

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Gerunds and Infinitives


GERUND Observe os exemplos. Sally is dancing. ( = dançando Present Continuous) Sally is fond of dancing. (= dançar Gerund) GERUND Verbo + ing

GERUND – Usos : 

GERUND – Usos Sujeito de oração Painting is my favorite pastime. Smoking is not permited anywhere in this school. Após preposições He left the restaurant without paying the bill. She insists on talking to the boss.

GERUNDS – Usos : 

GERUNDS – Usos Após certos verbos Would you mind closing the door? He avoided answering my question. Alguns dos principais verbos seguidos por gerúndio são: ADMIT, AVOID, DENY, DISLIKE, ENJOY, FINISH, KEEP, MIND, MISS, QUIT, RESIST, RISK.

GERUNDS - Usos : 

GERUNDS - Usos Após certas expressões idiomáticas: His latest novel is worth reading. Expressões idiomáticas seguidas por gerúndio: TO BE WORTH, TO BE USED TO, IT’S NO GOOD, IT’S NO USE, IT’S USELESS, TO LOOK FORWARD TO, CAN’T STAND, CAN’T HELP

GERUND - Usos : 

GERUND - Usos Após o verbo GO, expressando atividades recreativas. The boys went hiking on their vacation. How often do you go window shopping? Proibições curtas No smoking in this area No trespassing

INFINITIVE – To + verbo : 

INFINITIVE – To + verbo Após numerais ordinais. He was the first to answer the teacher’s question. Com TOO e ENOUGH The flat is too expensive for me to buy. He had cooked food enough to feed an army!


INFINITIVES - USOS Após os verbos: WANT I want to translate the text. Após os verbos: MAKE, LET e HAVE (sem To), HELP (com ou sem o To) This makes me feel sick. Let me know if you need any help. She helped him (to) choose a new tie.

Observações: : 

Observações: Certos verbos admitem o GERUND ou INFINITIVE sem alterações de sentido. It started snowing. It started to snow. He began reading. He began to read.

Observações: : 

Observações: O verbo STOP admite tanto o GERUND quanto o INFINITIVE com alteração de sentido. He stopped smoking. (= Ele parou de fumar.) He stopped to smoke. (= Ele parou para fumar.)

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