What Penalties Can You Expect For Lying On A Medicaid Application


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There are two categories of people who are investigated and prosecuted for fraud: benefits recipients and providers. A Medicaid recipient could be charged with fraud for providing false information on an application, altering or forging prescriptions or allowing another person to use his or her Medicaid card to obtain services. Those providing Medicaid services can be investigated for fraud if they file false claims about services rendered, claims about fake car accidents or claims for services that weren't given. If you receive a letter from an investigative agency asking you to come to their office for an ìinterviewî and to bring along certain documentation, you should seek legal advice from a New York Medicaid fraud lawyer immediately before discussing anything with the investigators. You need to make sure your rights are protected and you have a good shot at getting charges dropped or lessened with Joseph Potashnik & Associates on your side.


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What Exactly Are The Penalties For Lying:

On A Medicaid Application In New York City What Exactly Are The Penalties For Lying

On A Medicaid Application In New York City:

On A Medicaid Application In New York City Medicaid is a great health coverage that has been rolled out by both State and Federal governments in the US. This policy for health is to ensure that healthcare is accessible on a free of cost basis for people and even families who are beneath a particular limit of annual salary levels. Additionally, it is extended to families who are cannot meet or come up with savings, sources which have been proposed. Medicaid is thus a plan that is means-based. The qualification for this health insurance is you need to be a US resident or a permanent resident which can be proven lawfully. Furthermore, it insures people who are physically challenged and continues to be amongst the highest funded medical plan by the US for its citizens getting small yearly income.

On A Medicaid Application In New York City:

On A Medicaid Application In New York City However, that is even one of the reasons for its neglect or incorrect use by individuals who aren't entitled to it. A lot of households have provided financial information that are not accurate only to make the most of this plan. They have purposefully underrated their possessions, earnings and earning ability to be entitled to this health care insurance plan. Many others haven't revised their financial status to include receipt of gifts, inheritance, family members getting jobs, got additional income via the sale of some property or have started receiving income. This may involve any rental earnings or sale of properties also. These people are continuing to enjoy the benefits of Medicaid even though they are now above that threshold income level stipulated by the US government.

On A Medicaid Application In New York City:

On A Medicaid Application In New York City As this has been going on for some time now, the Human Resources Administration officers have begun executing their own exploration into the subject. They have started to recognize households that haven't been correct or sincere with regards to their earnings. They can acquire information regarding family incomes from a number of sources which includes financial institutions. So what are the penalties for being untruthful on a Medicaid application in New York?

On A Medicaid Application In New York City:

On A Medicaid Application In New York City Once they receive the info that doesn't match with what is stated, they put in motion the Recipient Medicaid Fraud Investigation process. NYC Criminal Defense Attorney , that are among the NYC Criminal Defense Attorney firms, have attempted to instruct people regarding the results of these frauds and its implications. They say that the person detected might have to either repay the money enjoyed for the services rendered or confront criminal prosecution. They can be slapped with welfare fraud and larceny penalties. They may as well be pulled up for submitting an incorrect instrument. The company claims that the penalties imposed for felony can be of different levels depending upon the money they have acquired from the City.

On A Medicaid Application In New York City:

On A Medicaid Application In New York City Extra fraud penalties can be imposed based on the details the investigators receive from the IRS or NYC Department of Taxation. The firm warns people regarding reacting directly to the investigators and asks them to call this agency if they are trapped in such fraud. They will be able to help. Joseph Potashnik & Associates 111 Broadway Suite 1305 New York, NY 10006 (212) 577-6677 http:// www.jpdefense.com /

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