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GRK and the Hot Dog Trail:

GRK and the Hot Dog Trail By: Joshua Doder


Characters The Malts/ Mrs.Malt and Mister Malt, Tim The Raffifis/ Max and Natasha The GRK Tim Malt Roderick (The Doorman) Tim’s Mum Tim’s Dad Detective Worst


Summary Tim and GRK are british and they are going to New York for a holiday. But Tim and his Dog like being detectives so they try to find out who stole the golden duchshaund but before he tells who stole it he tells the whole story from when they got to the museum .


Settings New York City Bramley Building(Hotel) The Museum


Conclusion The conclusion is that Tim figures out who stole it because he overheard this h0t dog sales man talking to another man about getting revenge while they where picking up GRK at the museum. The guy who stole it was a man helping this hot dog guy get his revenge on the museum.

Here are some Questions:

Here are some Questions Hope you were listening 

Questions :

Questions What’s the main characters name? A. GRK and Tim B. Joshua and GRK How does the british say mom? A.Mum B.Mother Or All Of the Above What’s the Bramley Building? A. Hotel B. Museum

The end!!:

The end! ! Would You Name Your Dog GRK ! ! !

By: Tyler and Paul:

By: Tyler and Paul Have a “ me ep” day ! ! “Thanks' for watching ! !

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